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The Tactics Of Dark Deception

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Deception is a key theme that that resonates within the broad field of dark psychology. Just like the majority of themes in this book, it may be a bit challenging to decipher whether a particular act of deception constitutes of dark desire or not. Before diving into this distinction, we must first of all have an understanding of what deception is. Majority of people who claim to know what deception means, classify it as being in the same category as lying. This is however inaccurate as deception bears a bit more weight than lies. Put more correctly, deception may be considered to be a consequence of a particular lie that has a specific intention of making another individual believes a lie, in order to misrepresent or conceal a particular truth. How then does deception manifest itself if our normal lives? Deception tends to manifest itself in a number of ways in our lives in form of, omitting certain truths, fraudulently providing of evidence of something that you know fully well to be false and lying. Not all acts of deception however can be categorized to be in the vicinity of dark human beings, we often tend to deceive each other for a number of could either because we want to mask feelings of inadequacy or just emanates from a kindness point of view. This can be seen candidly when looking at dating sites. Often, people both men and women; lie about them so as to make them appear more attractive to the opposite gender. Besides from the white lies present in the dating profiles, people also tend to deceive themselves about a variety of issues including but not limited to ambition, health status or the general satisfaction with life. These everyday uses do not constitute of dark deception.

Deception cam is seen to emanate from our dark psyche, when they are executed with a somewhat indifferent intention towards the person that is being deceived. Our daily and somewhat casual use of deception in our daily lives could be seen to be motivated by an inability to own up to the truth in one way or another. Dark deception is however south of this as an individual understands of truth is that at no point does it serve his immediate deceptive goals. This serving as a motivator, the deceiver then changes or hides the truth from his victim to flow with a version of events that best suits his selfish desires. What do I mean by this? If a person has opted to use dark deception, then his main intention is but to inflict harm upon the victim and not to offer any form of assistance. Majority of people in their quest for better debunking this enigma are of the opinion that, dark deception is determinant of the intensity, but is really determinant of the individual partaking In previously stated above, dark deception is not only limited to the large scale some cases, small deceptions are executed in such in such a skilled manner that it bares more server effects that the large scale usage. How then exactly do dark manipulators use smaller deception to fulfill their macabre desires? The goal that is often desired by manipulators is to test the limits gullibility limits as well as to program the victim into believing the particular deceptive statements often used by the manipulator. The logic behind this is linked to consistency in that, the more a person is gradually exposed to smaller deceptions, the likely hood of them falling prey to larger ones over time is expected. Apart from this gradual exposure, small deception may also be used in the view to undermine a victims own trust in relation to his own ability to act in a logical manner and also his reasoning capacity. Once the victim becomes accustom to this, he becomes very cautious of his reasoning often making then wary of what is happening. This often creates a somewhat butterfly effect since now the victim is convinced that any sort of suspicion that they may have is equal parts irrational and just outright insane due to the fact that they are not aware that the manipulator gross abuse of their naivety. Large scale uses of deception can be said to better show the practice of dark psychology more clearly. The question we then ask ourselves is how this is is no secret that masking your identity completely, with a view to be able to convince someone of being a completely different person is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. This is because you will have to change almost everything about yourself from name, occupation place of residence you name it. This method of dark psychology if used by a skilled manipulator is a really powerful tool since it will have the victim eating out of his hand, without a single ounce of doubt in their body. Having then looked at the variety of ways dark deception may be used so as to produce the desired results intended by the manipulator, the next important thing we need to discuss is how then these deceptive tricks often are carried out by this manipulators. Also, what are the most common subjects human being are often deceived about both in the large scale usage as well as the small scale usage.

The core of deception is often centered on money. What do I mean by this? Money has a tendency to drive the manipulator to result to using deception on a particular victim, with an aim to either rid him of said money completely or just with the aim of hiding away their own bundles. A beggar is the perfect example used to better shed light on hard as it may be to believe, these beggars more often than not dive into a number of psychological principals so as to siphon money from innocent unsuspecting victims of their hard earned money despite having plenty of it an attempt to exploit the victims kindness and humanity, these beggars will often inflict some bodily harm upon themselves with a view of making them look completely helpless top their victims. Some of the more extreme deceivers will go as far as turning their own children into some serious drug addicts just to make their scam more believable. This is just but a single example of the lengths that these dark deceivers are willing to go within the realm of money related deception. Deception is also widely prevalent in regards to one’s marital status. Most dark deceivers when perusing the opposite gender often for a sexual fling or just with the aim of long term commitment will chose to keep their current marital status under wraps so as easily seduce their new caught. Some skilled deceivers are able to have relationships with a vast majority of partners silently undernoted to their wife’s. This type of deception has been made even more difficult to uncover especially now with the dominance of social networking apps. There apps a have made it possible for a deceiver to keep in constant contact with his many 'wives' without having to leave the comfort of his some cases, a deceiver is not really looking to court multiple women, but uses deceit to make people believe that they are married when in fact it is the exact opposite. This may occur for a number of reasons.

The institution of marriage is regarded as one of the most scared unions that exist, and as such many people may be more trusting towards a married couple than one that is not married. A manipulated wearies of this fact will then exploits this to his own gain. They will then proceed to fabricate a whole story of how they were once married to this 'other ‘person, who wound up dying in one way or another. This warrants sympathy from the unsuspecting victims. They will even go a step further and even fabricate fake marriage certificates of the deceased so as remove all doubt. Such deception often takes shape where some insurance money was left behind by the deceased, and in most cases the deceiver gets what he wants. Another instance people usually chose to deploy deception is where there is an existence of criminal human beings, we tend to distance ourselves from people who have had a criminal past because deep down we are aware of the fact that nothing will come out of that interaction. Take for example a man straight out of the penitentiary. If he happens to cross paths with an attractive woman who he desires to have a long term commitment with or just a casual encounter, the chances of him revealing his criminal past to her are close to none. He will instead give fabricated information about himself so as to appear more attractive and less threatening. This type of deception is not usually considered to be of a dark nature since the deceiver motivation may be fear of only qualifies to be in field of dark psychology when the victim happens to have committed a heinous crime such as rape, and keeps it under wraps so as to gain trust with the victim with an intention to commit the crime again. This is a tactic often employed by serial killers. Perhaps the most iconic dark deceiver would have to be Ted Bundy. He often used deception to create this lovable and charming personality which most people fell for within minutes of running into him. Amazing a total body count of 30 women is proof enough of his prowess in the field of dark deception. Individuals who share the same psychological composition are in almost all scenarios driven by their out of this world urges to the point where they will do almost everything to hide the truth so as to satisfy their devilish urges. These manipulators at times happen to ne people who can be regarded as being social outcasts with some behaviors that aren’t normally accepted by the general population. This makes them a bit shy in regards to opening up to other human beings, since they risk losing their potential mate, or rather just a possible friend once they are open about their indifferent desires. They will then result to deploy dark deception with the hopes of appearing normal. For example, if a particular individual opts to use dark deception on a victim with the aim of getting sexual benefits from them, they are less likely to focus on this particular subject. This is because understand all too well that it will not only pose as a serious red flag too the victim, but also chances of it succeeding decreasingly decline since now the victim is able to get a feel of the manipulators true this scenario, the manipulator might instead, lie along the lines of him seeking love and commitment, making the victim drop their walls and falling prey to this type of deception.

The main area where manipulators feel like deceiving the victim seems like the only logical route to take is most probably in regards to his own personal feeling towards his victim. Love is one of the strongest emotions we were programed to have. Now imagine the effect deception, specifically dark deception would have on a normal human being. The manipulators will influence the victim to think and know them as this whole other person who they will fall for. Only to be driven to madness once their true nature ci brought to severe is the level of the psychological and emotional distraught on the victims that they may lead to something like suicide. I the most basic sense, dark deception will often be deployed based on the interpersonal feeling the manipulator has towards his given victim depicting them as something complete south of what they themselves are. The main area where deception is most common is the usage in romantic relationships. A manipulator approaching his victim with this fake persona often leaves a kind of a “white knight “feeling resonating within the victim. This is so because this persona may be the exact person they seemed to be absent from their lives. Deceptors said to be acting on their craft at an expert level have the ability to just analyze a person’s wans and desires from just reading of your nonverbal cues. This sort of deception is likely to open a Pandora’s Box of an endless stream of long term manipulation. Deception is used by these manipulators aiming to exude a sense of general friendship, increasing the victim’s susceptibility to dark manipulation. Take for example in the event that the manipulator decides to make victim of a venerable person. When approaching them, they will portray a very charming and friendly person offering his support without coming off as an add ball. The manipulator is willing to do absolutely anything the victim wishes with the soul purpose of making the victim less weary when they are being manipulated. This is especially likely to happen if this deceit continues for an extended period of time. With a firm grasp of what deception is, as well as its spectrum, let us now dive into the particular tactics often used in the deployment of dark deception. Highly skilled manipulators know how to use each of these tactics we shall discuss in a very harmful way that is likely to make an impact in the victims is important however to note that manipulators don’t restrict themselves to one of these tactics, but will often use a combination of all of them achieving faster results.

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Lying can easily be classified as being the main form of dark deception. This tactic could be highly preferred by the manipulator if he has established that his victim is susceptible to lies and unable to counteract them, either because the victim has a childlike sense of trust or just resultant of the manipulators efforts of work over an extended amount of most cases, manipulators usually have a separate set of lies to use, if and when the victim starts noticing some gaps to this experienced enough manipulator will often develop the skill of attaching his lies to certain truths over time. What does this mean? The victim will for example attach 20% lies to a story that is 80% becomes near impossible for the victim not to see the whole story as being true since the deception is not that loud so to speak. Believe it or not even the manipulators tone of voice is enough to trap their victim. They may say something falsely deceptive in a particular tone, or using a certain gesture in such a way that also blinds the victim into perceiving what the manipulator is saying to be the truth.

Another tactic prevalent in the deployment of deception would be implying. Though a more subtle than lying, implying suggests of something false as being true rather that saying it. A scenario of this can be seen where money is involved. If a manipulator approaches his victim with the aim of deceiving him about the amount of money that there in possession of, they could ether tell them a direct lie, or simply Imlay the particular lie. The implied lie will probably some vague statement of bravado like “I have a lot of money from my many businesses”, knowing too well that this is not the case at all. This statement implies that the manipulator is wealthy, without him having expressly said it. This tactic will prefer by manipulators as it prepares for the worst case scenarios which in this case is having been found out by the victim. If for example at any given point the victim accuses the manipulator of lying, he may boldly deny this owing to the fact that at no given time did he happen to say lie which is technically true. This tactic may be especially more damaging to those victims who have a hyper active sense of imagination. All the manipulator has to do is just plant the seed of deceit in the victims psyche and just wait for it to run its course. The victim will come to a conclusion based on their idealized version of their “reality” prompted by the manipulator.

Another form of deceit used in dark deceit is omission. This is simply the failure to mention something that is true. This tactic seeks to contrast with our previous tactics. Whereas implication or lies prefer to use false information to cover up the truth, omission is then geared towards just ignoring the truth while at the same time leading the victim’s attention away from it. If for example a convicted rapist is smitten by a lady in his getting to know each other better, the manipulator will simply avoid his dark past inversely sharing only the happy yet normal stories about their past. Manipulators often tend to carry out omission by creating somewhat of an “emotional fence “around a particular break this down further, an “emotional fence “is created where the manipulator cites that a certain part of their life’s bring nothing more than nightmares to them when brought up. The victim falling slave to human emotions, will then avoid bring it up at all so us not to cause their ‘friend “any psychological distress. This tactic often allows them to avoid the truth, while at the same time making the victim feel guilty.

The last tactic we shall look at is that of fraud. This is hands down the most candid form of deception used by those who fancy the use of dark psychology. Fraud is a tactic that is aimed at having a particular set of falsified documents and other pieces of evidence backing up the lies, rather than simply lying about their past. Manipulators will for example, strategically leave out bits of their “achievements “for their victim to see, without having to explain himself and appearing to be a bit too pushy about it making the whole claim mighty suspicious. Over the course of time, fraud has been seen to be occurring at an alarming rate now especially with the wide spread use of computers as well as the internet. Deceivers are now more than ever able to generate realistic looking documents with the help of professional software’s ,able to bypass the keen eye of just about anyone. Instances where people have been able to secure job opportunities using a false identity or just stole from their won company without ever being found out are to name just but a few examples of professional fraud. Fraud also takes shape in our personal lives. This is particularly so in regard to health status. Some dark manipulators will liaise with their doctors in order to falsify their health records allowing them to spread the disease they without anyone being the wiser. When a manipulator decides to use dark deceit for a fraudulent purpose, he can be regarded as being an overly religious user of dark psychology. This is the case since, is requires guts to break the law whose only consequence is facing some considerable amount of jail time.

One of the most devious and sneaky ways dark deception is often carried out in a skillful manner is that where follows the manipulators own pantomime of feeling deceived by their virtue of portraying the victim as the one with the deceptive nature, focus then shifts from himself and onto the victim allowing to carry out his dark plan right under the victims nose, this is basically a deception within a deception.

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