Titanic': Movie Analysis

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The movie 'Titanic' depicts this ship, which is considered unsinkable, on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, USA in 1912. There is a girl on the boat (Rose DeWitt Bucart played by Kate Winslet) and a rich man (Carlton) she has never loved. Despite the engagement, Rose meets a poor young man (Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and they fall in love. As they fought the Caledonian class and opposition, the Titanic collided with the iceberg and gradually sank. The iceberg crashed into the boat, causing the stars in the movie (Rose and Jack) to fight for their lives and love.

I found the movie 'Titanic' enjoyable, but also moving. This is due to the cruelty that surrounded the James Cameron movie 'Titanic' at some point around that time. The beauty of the movie ‘Titanic’ is that the director presents practical and frustrating perceptual sub-images, and fully incorporates them into the power of action narrative. It is hard to believe that the director of the ‘Titanic’ imagined a love narrative involving two characters (Jack and Rose), and finally decided that the ideal background was the sinking of the Titanic (the ship). However, people are more likely to believe that the director of 'Titanic' initially thought about how to make the submerged scene exciting and then grafted his lover into the incident. The ‘Titanic’ vividly demonstrated this, making it an excellent and outstanding ancient disaster film. The director can make a movie after discovering the wreck of the ship. Compared with ancient descriptions of ships submerged under the influence of icebergs and waves, this produces a lot of fresh information that happily leads to a series of more visually exciting events.

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The director is ingenious, manipulating characters in outstanding roles to observe each outstanding achievement. The scenes in the movie are shocking, ranging from scary instances, such as icy water chasing around the hull of a ship, to the conclusive scenes of the movie, such as a ship sinking under the sea. The director brilliantly communicated all the highlights, such as his tactical ability; in film production, the activities must be perfectly composed, written and arranged. These views take about an hour to glue the observer to them, which is about the time the ship sinks. The director of the ‘Titanic’ demonstrated his mastery of the media, elegant production design and surprising visual effects. In this sense, this movie is a huge success.

The movie ‘Titanic’ is a drama in itself, with the integrity of miniatures. Crucially, 'Titanic' brings a pervasive and outdated troubled romantic complex. The principal did not add any surprising notes to this bad story, and his account of the class rule is very indicative. Due to the rule of this class, I tend to think that a principal might have started judging the class with a more friendly and positive attitude. Most of the character instances are clumsy and unwieldy (like the way Rose quickly identifies the lifeboat shortage). In 'Titanic', Caledon (Rose's fiance) seems out of place for a while, there is no flaw in him that could force a weaker character like Jack to ditch his fiance. Many people think that this movie is disgusting because it vividly portrays the scoffers who survived the disaster that shook the world.

‘Titanic’ has proven to be one of the most successful, lasting and most admired films in the world in three key aspects. First, the film is based on real historical events, which involve real humans. Second, it shows epic computer-generated huge images. Third, he told the personal story of the person who boarded the ship, not just his narrative. In the past more than a century, the sunken diving boat has been fascinating theatrically. The stunning and perfect depiction of ships, icebergs and sinking gives the film an irresistible historical but impressive makeover. However, what really makes up this movie is the cast of the actors on board, because they all have release time. The rich girl (Ross) falls in love with the poor young man (Jack), and their short romance is destined to be immortal in the coming disaster. Like Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose firmly believe that they have found true love. However, they hardly knew each other. They become infatuated and are able to try any ability that can maintain their relationship. For the viewer, we must endure the pain of watching these two teenagers fall for each other, because their dreams and expectations are coming to an end. As the years go by and Rose grows up, she still appreciates the time she spent with Jack and everything he did for her.

Although 'Titanic' has many flaws, the importance and respect of the film cannot be ignored. At least it provides evidence that no matter how impressive and exciting it is, it cannot in itself cause criticism.

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