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To What Extent are Electric Vehicles a Solution to Global Pollution

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Our society has long considered what we can do to improve the society we live in, to make it better for future generations to come. One aspect that must be considered is the level of pollution that occurs throughout our country and the world through ways in which that pollution level can be reduced. The most popular method that is presented to reduce pollution is by increasing the number of electric cars on the road in hope to reduce the number of nasty polluting petrol and diesel and thereby reducing the number of toxins released from traditional cars.

Many say that our global pollution problem is a sum of many different factors and decreasing the number of vehicles that are currently emitting greenhouse gasses will only make an infinitesimal impact on global pollution as it exists today. This may be true, as it would be nearly impossible to make all vehicles completely electric and, even if it were possible, each would only have a slight impact as long as other methods of pollution were still in from power plants to make the electricity and places making the plastics or metals.

Electric cars run off of electricity and therefore do not require diesel or petrol and plus we don't know how much more we have left of these fuels.Because if these fuels are not being mined, this reduces the number of gasses and other pollution that is released not only into the air but into the soil as well. This can minimize the number of toxins that are getting taken up by plants, animals and even ourselves within the environment. With a massive production of fuels comes other less intentional aspects such as leaks and therefore additional pollution into the surrounding area which can definitely leach into the water and even our crops. There have been a number of oil leaks throughout the world that have resulted in poisoned water and have killed a vast number of animals for a long time after the leak is discovered and cleaned up. The damage caused can never fully be undone from that leak and that same material will end up our air we breathe and the essential soils we grow our crops in and our water that we drink every day.

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While electric cars don’t emit exhaust fumes, they do use batteries which can emit toxic fumes if damaged. Most electricity used to power electric vehicles is generated from non-renewable energy sources such as energy plants that use coal or oil, which can cause major or permanent damage on both our health and the environment. Transport now accounts for 26 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 25 per cent coming from energy supplies. In 2017 there were about 31 million petrol and diesel while there were only 45.4 thousand electric cars, so for every 600 non-electric car 1 electric car was bought. With electric cars, they do not create these greenhouse gasses that are being let off into the atmosphere. There are alternative clean energy sources such as hydroelectric dams windmill and solar panel farms to produce clean electricity .As a result of this, there is less pollution being put into the air and far less that is actually being trapped within the atmosphere. Because gases aren’t released, this then means there will be less to cause illness or harm to us the plants and animals that we share the planet with. This should make the world become a much cleaner place and hopefully repair some of the damage caused for our future generations. When traditional cars use petrol or diesel it has to be burned off and goes into the air as a type of smog. The gases like carbon monoxide are extremely bad for anyone to breathe in and it becomes even worse when it gets into the atmosphere and stays there. That’s because it can then trap in more dangerous chemicals so the air becomes permanently damaged, instead of just for that short time.

The one problem with electric cars is that there a huge investment at the moment. Currently, they range from roughly £14,000 for a Renault Zoe hatchback a nibble electric car that’s suitable for a more urban environment, to over £100,000 for a more well known and popular brand Tesla. One of Europe’s best-selling electric cars is the Nissan Leaf, which is manufactured in the UK and has a starting price of £21,000. another problem with them is the recharge time, It can take up to twelve hours to fully charge an electric car, depending on the battery size, so, while these vehicles offers savings in petrol or diesel, at the same time will increase electricity bills. And what happens if you forget to charge it at night, you will end up stranded somewhere. The UK government’s keen to promote electric cars wherever they can so they created the plug-in grant, as part of their aim to reduce carbon emissions. That’s why you could get up to £3,500 to help people buy one. vehicles that have CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and are approved by the government get the maximum of a £3,500 and you don't have to pay road tax . And each year these cars are becoming more affordable for people to buy. Lexus has created a self-charging electric hybrid car that doesn't need to be plugged in at a socket so it will only produce co2 emissions when using claim that their car is “always ready to go”.

Overall, Electric Vehicles are starting to change the way people think about going green. With the advancement of battery technology and alternative power, these vehicles are producing fewer emissions and going further than ever before. We need to start relying on these technologies to start reducing our carbon footprint. As the years continue to pass, these vehicles are going to start changing the way we live, and operate in society.

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