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Tornado Essay Examples

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Tornadoes and The Importance to Be Prepared

A tornado is a destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud and advancing beneath the base of a thunderstorm connecting to the ground. It is made up of water, dust, and debris. A tornado is the most violent of...
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Causes and Effects of Tornadoes

The weather is a strange thing. One day it can be cold and rainy; the next day, it’s perfectly warm and sunny for sandals and bikinis on the beach. Humans have managed to develop products that enable them to handle many kinds of weather. For...
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The Lesson I Learned from The Tornado

When I was a child my mother and father always told me to grateful for the people in my life and the things I have because you never know when it can be taken away from you. I will never forget that humbling experience that...
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Tornado and Hurricane Comparison

Though both a tornado and a hurricane are fraught with terrible consequences, both in terms of material damage and the possible injuries, when choosing between the two, I would rather face a hurricane than a tornado. There are several reasons for the choice that I...
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Report on Oklahoma Tornado Disaster in 1999

Natural hazard refers to catastrophic events or phenomenon of atmospheric, geological, and hydrological origins that can cause fatalities, property damage, social environmental disruption and can indirectly cause social grievances and resource scarcities. These includes earthquake, tornadoes, Volcanic eruption, tsunamis, floods, typhoons and thunderstorms, hurricanes epidemics...
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The Lessons We Learnt from Xenia Tornado

In the 21st century the world has been taken aback by the yearly natural and manmade disasters that have occurred everywhere. No matter how prepared we believe are there is always area of improvement or an area of learning after each and every disaster. Specifically...
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Tornado and AmeriCares Overview

Frequent tornadoes are typical climate features in North America that happen in different regions including Canada, the East Coast and the Florida Peninsula. Special sirens are installed to warn citizens about the emergence of a tornado, and houses are supplied with lower-level safe spaces; however,...
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Tri-State Tornado, The Deadliest Tornado in History

Tornados cause many deaths and injuries every year. “On average, tornados cause 70 deaths and 1,500 injuries in the United States every year.” (Rudolph 19). The deadliest tornado in United States history is the Tri-state tornado of 1925. The tornado struck before modern technology was...
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Fifteen Minutes Preparedness for a Tornado

I was sitting in front of my desk when suddenly a message arrived on my phone with an alert from the national weather bureau letting the population knew that a tornado was on its way to the area where I live. I was terrified when...
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