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Trifles: Can The Murder Be Justified?

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To begin with my reasoning, I would like to admit that any of the sides, either justification or accusation of the women’s decision to hide the evidence, is right or wrong. This decision can be both justified and not justified. Arguments are enough to prove both sides. However, for the goal of this paper, there is a necessity to take a certain position and explain it. I will not venture to affirm that my position is unambiguously right but I can suggest enough argumentation to defend it and prove that even murder can be sometimes justified. I take a utilitarian position which puts that interests of majority higher than interests of a certain individual. Utilitarianism justifies actions that bring benefit to a large population even if interests of a single individual are violated. In this context, I will prove that women’s concealment of the evidence is a sign of hope for the better future. Thus, I take a position that justifies women’s decision to hide what they believe to be incriminating evidence. ‘Trifles’ is an example of feministic literature. From the perspective of feminism, freedom of thought, and action for every member of the society, including women, is the highest value. Considering, hypothetical murder of her husband as an act of emancipation, Mrs’s Hale and Mrs’s Peters’s concealment of some details can be justified.

History shows that the most significant breaking moments in the history of humanity occurred through huge sacrifices and much pain. It sounds sad and painful, but to receive something, one should first give something. Science can not explain the fact that the balanced exchange of energies in the universe creates order and organize chaos into something comprehensible. When we hear about the murder of a person, our human, compassionate nature aspires to justice and wants the offender to be punished for taking away human life. It is an undoubtedly, justified aspiration as human life seems to be the highest value. To a large degree, it is so until it does not come to a certain idea that aims to change traditional human life forever. It happens with the liberation of women and their emancipation in society. At a particular point in the history, feministic movements originated as an indicator of a new level of humans’ development, and the life of one male in this context is a sacrifice for a new reality of much more happy people than previously.

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Both women experience a sense of guilt and duty to tell about their suspicion. However, they decide to protect Minnie from possible penalties. This act can be interpreted as immoral, at first sight. However, after careful consideration, their decision is an act of respect to female’s collective consciousness as free individualities of this society. They did not conceal the truth to protect the neibour, but they protected much more than just a woman. They defended the idea and their future. Their concealment demonstrates the necessity to address female needs as members of society. In this context, ‘Trifles’ is a sophisticated hint to this necessity.

Emotions tell us that human life is too precious to equal it to the value of a certain idea. We are brought up with the in-depth knowledge that God gives life, and only God has the right to take it away. However, when the cases of murder are considered, there are often many tiny details that lead to the act of murder itself. They often have an accumulative effect and represent the result of psychological pressure. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters suspect that Minnie has probably killed her husband. However, they also suspect that Minnie herself is a victim of abuse. In this context, the case becomes much more complicated. Any science will venture to prove whether a murder is a just punishment for abuse. It is a matter of morality. Any science will venture to measure and accept a certain degree of abuse for which murder is a just punishment. It is also a matter of morality. With this evidence, Minnie is also a victim, as well as her husband. I will not venture to affirm whose victimization is more terrible. I accept a position of justification Minnie’s husband sacrifices for the sake of a more bright future for women and society in general.

In conclusion, it makes sense to say that the fact that the women keep from the sheriff what they believe to be incriminating evidence against Mrs. Wright can be morally justified. The main reason for this is the absence of an unambiguous measuring system to define the degree of severity of the abuse to be able to justify the murder. To claim unambiguously that human life is the highest value and, thus, nothing can justify the murder would be hypocrisy because history proves that human life had always been less valuable than globe scale ideas. In this context, Mr. Wright’s murder should be considered as a sacrifice for the future. Consequently, concealment of women’s suspicions should be considered as a contribution to a new and more promising reality.

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