Untold Facts About Michael Jordan’s Parents

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Many years before Michael Jordan became a professional NBA player and a prominent sportsman, his parents James Jordan Sr. and mother Deloris Jordan already saw greatness in him, and as parents, they helped him build his skills that would later make him become one of the greatest and richest basketball players of all time. His parents have been given prominence for their roles in Michael’s life and other aspects of their lives including Deloris been featured in ESPN documentary of Michael Jordan ‘Last Dance’; as bestselling author of diverse children’s books, and as the founder of James R. Jordan Foundation. His father James Jordan was painfully murdered in 1993.

Deloris was born Deloris Peoples in 1941 in Rocky Point, NC while James R. Jordan Sr. was born on July 31, 1936. The couple met while attending Charity High School and dated for three years before tying the knot. Together, they had 5 children including the Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan.

Their Lives Before Fame

The Jordan’s were simple people before Michael Jordan brought them fame. James Jordan Sr. Started working with the Airforce before moving to Brooklyn to train as a mechanic in G.I. Bill. He began to study airplane hydraulics while Deloris worked at a bank. When they noticed crime was getting to its peak, the couple moved to North Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina.

They Were Michael’s Major Influence

Jordan Sr. was a basketball fan and a pro in baseball. When Michael was a little boy, he was first taught baseball before he later got involved with basketball. His father encouraged his son to become an athlete and for the sake of his son’s career, Jordan Sr. Travelled to different parts of United States.

Deloris like her husband continued to encourage Michael even when he trusted he would not go far. This is evident when Michael did not make it to the varsity team and almost gave up, until his mother intervened and advised him to work hard during the summer.

The Secret Lives of Michael Jordan’s Parents

The family led a normal life - at least in public until Michael’s elder sister Deloris E. Jordan decided to publish a book ‘Spilling Family Secrets’. In the book she alleged how she was sexually abused by her father when she was between the ages of 8 to 16, and when she told her mother about the incidence, she was shut up with the threat of been taken to Girls’ home. Also, the younger Deloris penned how her parents were violent towards each other and how her mother would belittle her father even outside their home. Although she maintains her story to be true, other Jordan’s claim she brought the story to make a fortune out of the fame of the family, especially Michael.

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They Are Grandparents

From their children, Deloris and Jordan Sr. had grandchildren including the former basketball player who played for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini Jeffrey Jordan; and Marcus Jordan who is also a former college basketball player among others.

His Mother is Best-Seller Author and Co-Author

Deloris is quite a definition of ‘women are multitasking’. While she tried to make a good wife out of herself, she worked towards becoming a great mum to her five children; featured in her son’s documentary, and became a writer who’d author several books, especially children’s books. They include; A Child’s Book of Prayers and Blessings: From Faiths and Cultures Around the World; Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Excellence; Baby Blessings: A Prayer for the Day You Are Born; Michael’s Golden Rules, Did I Tell You I Love You Today?; Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream (with Roslyn Jordan); and Family First: Winning the Parenting Game.

His Mother Was Featured in ‘Last Dance’

The ESPN documentary of Michael Jordan ‘Last Dance’ featured his mother who openly read the letter sent to her by him while in college asking for funds for phone bills and stamp. She became one of the most loved people in the documentary.

Why James Jordan Sr. Never Appeared In The ‘Last Dance’

The documentary that focused on the life of Michael Jordan featured his mother, but unfortunately not his father. This is because of the passing away of Jordan Sr. However, the series shed light on his death, funeral, and a little about him.

What Happened to James Jordan Sr.

Jordan Sr. was returning home from a funeral when he stopped to take a nap in his car. He was visited by the horror of robbery that would claim his life. The two men searched his car, stole from him, shot him, disposed his body and left it to decompose. Although he died on July 23, 1993, his body was not found until on August 13, 1993 in McColl, South Carolina. He was laid to rest in Rockfish AME Church Cemetery and his killers were given a life sentence.

After the death of her husband, Deloris founded the James Jordan foundation in his honour. The foundation is aimed at helping youths to further their education.

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