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Vandalism: Is Urban Graffiti a Force for Good or Evil

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In The Guardian article, “Is Graffiti a Force for Good or Evil?” by Athlyn Cathcart-Keays, reader learn that some artists get positive attention for their graffiti, while others get penalized with fines and prison sentences for doing the same thing.

In 2008 there was a major public museum called “Tate Modern” which displayed graffiti and street art. Six international artist were invited to decorate the museum with enormous, eye-catching murals. Meanwhile, across town eight members of London’s well-known DPM crew had to cough up $1.3 million dollars in graffiti-related damages which also led to 11 years in prison.

There are double standards in the way graffiti is perceived, and the law creates pockets of permission for some artists while penalizing others.

Adam Cooper, cultural strategy officer in London, sees graffiti as a positive thing and he compares graffiti artists to buskers, which are people who perform on the subway or streets for their own good and for entertainment for others. He believes that graffiti deserves more space just like the buskers were provided. He mentions the recent success of preserving a skating park in London, and says that graffiti adds a “social communal value” to the city.

Graffiti can be seen a cultural experience that tourists can explore and see and this brings money to the local economy. Buenos Aires is an example of a city where people from all over come to see graffiti art that tells the story of the city’s history.

There are those who see graffiti as a petty crime and believes that it may lead to more serious crimes. However, there are other who appreciate the graffiti that is done because it brings the community together and potential route out of crime for inner-city kids.

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From its roots as a method of communication for voteless youth to each hide and be seen, graffiti has developed into a valid variety, a legitimate force for economic, cultural and social smart and, as we tend to still shift towards more and modify urban environments, one amongst the few remaining ways that we've got to retort to our surroundings in Associate in Nursing communicatory, public way. “Good” v “bad”,Some may see graffiti as vandalism and people have been penalized for showing off their talent. As a human if you have talent then you should abuse it and show it off because it may inspire others or it can be a way for others to communicate with each other.

In the article “Arts, Outdoor enthusiasts infuriated by national park graffiti” by Los Angeles Times, adapted by Newsela staff we see that people find national parks a good place to express their artwork. People are infuriated about an artist named “Saraiva” who has done his graffiti work in a nat

Background:Andre Saariva is an artist known for painting a cartoon character called “Mr. A..” Recently a photo someone posted of a boulder he painted in California’s Joshua Tree National Park showed up on the website of Modern Hiker magazine. Since then, American nature lovers were infuriated with what he had done in the park.

A new generation of graffiti artists are painting out in the open on things in nature that are public property and this is making lovers of public nature very angry. Graffiti vandalism knowingly affects people and the public. The removal and anticipation of graffiti vandalism is very expensive to the public.In the article is says “Tens of millions of tax payer dollars are being spent annually on cleaning up graffiti and repairing the damage that it causes”( Spending this public money on cleaning graffiti means that money is not being spent on things that can benefit the community.

*Most people may say graffiti is the only thing that they can do, and if it wasn’t for graffiti they would go into crime. In addition graffiti is another way to express ones feelings and a way to spread a message. Back to the it is the only thing that they can do, for some teenagers they aren't good at their studies so they don't really have a good future but graffiti is another way to earn money and get a viewer's eye. Graffiti is an issue that generates widespread community concern. It impacts on state and territory governments, local government, police, public transport and utility providers, local communities and young people in a variety of ways. Although an issue of concern, there has been limited criminological research exploring the characteristics of graffiti offences and offenders and the impact that graffiti has on communities. This poses a challenge for policymakers and practitioners.

One of the city’s know graffiti artist generally perceived by the label Live Evil, has an astonishing and even confident supposition on the issue, as he guarantees the wall painting is an extraordinary thought and a positive development towards achieving their objective. He does, in any case, proceed to state that this activity plan has far to proceed to should be completed on an a lot bigger scale than a couple of dividers around the city. He guarantees 'spray painting is the snappiest method for getting workmanship from your brain to the media' and is doubtful that the wall paintings will be excessively far and few between to satisfy a similar impact, as owning the correct expression or making an incredible gem is to a great extent a matter of area. He has additionally voiced his worries with regards to the choice procedure and oversight of the workmanship on the wall painting, and is stressed his specialty will be 'too watered down before it contacts the people'.Overall, he is satisfied to see the city is making a stride towards seeing spray painting in a constructive light and is eager to perceive how this turns out. Be it a disfigurement of open property or basically a helpful and expressive work of art, it is winding up progressively normal and obviously certain that rates including spray painting are on the ascent, and that its very nature will keep on changing later on.

It brings down property estimations and expands wrongdoing as indicated by a Neighborhood Voices composed by Tim H in the Imperial Oak Fix. The creator composed his piece on April 1, 2013 approaching city lobby to accomplish something. Intriguing is that right around two years sooner, June 2, 2011, Lynn Cobb composed a supposition piece about the equivalent. Open spray painting is a subject that has entered my thoughts regularly and offered ascend to numerous get-together discussions throughout the years. My present home is in a city where on the off chance that you stop too long somebody may label you with paint. Already I lived in a zero resilience for spray painting city. In heading out to various regions of this World my mind registers likenesses and contrasts where this open showcase of articulation exists and where it doesn't.

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