What Can Ocean Trash Do? Essay

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Ocean Trash is a lot of trash in the ocean and it is affecting animals and humans. It is very sad how this can hurt the environment by a man made mistake. Ocean Trash is debris from and land that gets taken away to the ocean and kills millions of animals. Ocean Trash is usually abandoned and know one cares to even pick it up from the deep or even the shores. For example, ocean trash kills many marine animals. On average 100 million marine animals die each year. This will make some fishes go extinct that could lead to protein downage for people who only eat fish as there number one source of meat. Without a doubt, 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year from rivers alone. 80% of Ocean Trash is from land based sources, and only 20% is ocean based sources. 87 million tons of plastic bottles, abandoned children toys and electronics are found in the ocean. Considering, 5.25 trillion pieces of debris is in the ocean. 269,000 float on the surface and 14 billion pounds of trash enter the ocean each year. In fact, A small pilot whale unable to swim or hardly breathe because of the 17 pounds of plastic that clogged up the whale's stomach. The whale was found to have 80 shopping bags in its stomach. On the other hand, in the Pacific Ocean and North Pacific Gyre is home to the ¨Great Pacific Garbage Patch¨ which is two times the size of the state of Texas, and most of it is floating garbage. In conclusion, ocean trash is a major contributing factor in the very rapid decline of the worlds health.

Since this is really causing problems such as people dumping trash in the ocean and people leaving trash on the streets and trash flies to the ocean. Many people dump oil in the ocean and when people drive oil tankers carelessly. Also, it mainly comes from household waste, which is poorly recycled , dumped in landfills or abandoned in nature. This waste carried by the winds, pushed by the rains into sewers, streams, rivers, and the oceans. 24.6% of trash pollution is cigarettes, caps and lids are 9.1%, and plastic and paper bags are found 9.4% in the ocean. The Yangtze alone pours up to an estimated 1.5 million metric tons in the Yellow Sea. On another hand, oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless when driving a oil tanker that could leak oil in the ocean or when countries are at war or debate, they may decide to dump gallons of oil into the other countries oceans. In 1983 a production in Libya exploded and dumped 42 million gallons of oil into the ocean. 1.3 million gallons of petroleum are spilled into the U.S. water from vessels and pipelines in a typical year. In 1991 Iraq dumped 300 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Unquestionably, household waste and oil spills provide to the problem of ocean trash.

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In addition to Ocean Trash killing marine animals, many sea turtles and marine life die each year. Imagine swimming and looking for food but then choke on plastic which you thought was food. To begin with, In 2015 a turtle was found by two researchers with a 4 inch straw in its nose. With 6 million people watching that horrific and cringy clip of the marine animal, since nothing has changed with the effects of the ocean trash. Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. In addition, sea turtles are in the ocean looking for some jelly fish to eat to survive but most of the time they mistake the jellyfish from a floating plastic bag and plastic debris. In this situation, Oil spills can kill animals by going on there fur or skin and can't control the cold weathers in the ocean and then will die from hypothermia. Hypothermia means having a low body temperature that is dangerously low. Also, 82,000 birds are killed or brutally injured from oil spills. Same with 6,165 sea turtles and 25,900 marine mammals such as dolphins. On another hand, Oil can kill whales, dolphins, seals, and sea otters and many more. It kills them from hypothermia which comes from the oil touching and resting on the anika's fur or skin. Overall, many animals die from the ocean trash debris and injured from the effects of the human problem.

Ocean Cleanup

The “Ocean Cleanup” was a challenge to clean our oceans and gyres. Trash is spread across millions of square kilometers and travels in all directions. The organization is planning to do this in all oceans around the world like the Pacific, Atlantic, Artic, Indian, and Southern Oceans, said Ocean Cleanup on their blog. The Ocean Cleanup is currently working on this and they are doing this because plastic and trash is killing many marine animals out in the oceans and it is hurting our worlds health. This organization became a project in 2013, then in 2015 there was the scale modeling testing. The first prototype was launched in 2016. Now, they launched it this year in 2018 officially of the month of October. Henk Van Dale wants to make a 600 meter long floater and 3 meter deep skirt. He wants to do this to take out the trash of the Great Pacific Garbage PAtch. In estimate every 5 years will take out 50% of the GPGP. It takes a whole team of people volunteering and trying to help our oceans health. The “Ocean Cleanup” concept is the waves push the ong tube across the ocean. Then it brings all f the trash because it moves faster than the trash and it takes it with it around and keeps doing that same thing until there is too much trash. Next, people pick the trash up in a big boat , almost like a garbage truck but for ocean trash and the long tube will be left off to repeat it cycle until our ocean is clean. After when the trash is picked up and away from the ocean at the HQ it will be recycled and will turn into everyday things for people. So far the new project is pretty successful. “Computation models show a full scale deployment will lead to a 50% reduction of the Great Pacific Garbage PAtch in 5 years time” said the Ocean Cleanup organization. This project is successful because they just launched the 001 out of 060 and it is already getting plastic. It will be very successful because it is man made but we don't have to do anything do to the technology. “The Ocean Cleanup is developing a passive system, using the natural oceanic forest to catch and concentrate the plastic said ocean cleanup.” Without a doubt this organization is for sure going to help millions of marine life and will guarantee help the ocean and worlds health. With “The Ocean Cleanup projects to be able to remove 90% of ocean plastic by 2040” said Ocean Cleanup in there blog.

Ocean Conservancy

As we know and as we should know ocean trash is a super big problem with the “Ocean Conservancy” organization is a way to help ocean by people donating and helping by volunteering. The summer of 1971 was when all of this started. Within a year he started the Delfa Corporation which later became Ocean Conservancy. It all happened because a man named Bill was walking on beach and saw a man playing guitar as stopped a strucked about what is happening to the whales and about trash in general. The man playing the guitar sked Bill “Well, what are we going to do about it.” The HQ is in Washington D.C. but they can be volunteer all around the world. The CEO or chief executive officer of Ocean Conservancy said “ What happens to the ocean impacts all of us.” Millions of people had volunteer for this organization to make the ocean better. The organization is for volunteers to get to locations and help you pick up pieces of trash. To produce or run this project you will need people who have signed up and volunteered on the website. After that they can go to them that they are provided with a map and lookup your location and it will tell you where to go and how to get there. There has been around 12 million volunteers towards the project. With the 12m million volunteers they have more than 220 million pounds of trash. “Because healthy ocean means a healthy planet” said Ocean Conservancy. They also said” A healthy ocean means more than beautiful coasts and vibrant ocean will life.” This project has been successful since it started in 1972. It is successful because 12 million people volunteered and many have donated and more than 220,000 pounds of trash and debris was picked up since the 70’s. “My hope is that we find a way to communicate how special and how fragile this environment is to those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the Arctic-person” said Sarah Bobbe who is the Arctic Program Manager. Also Rachel Guillory of gulf of Restoration at Ocean Conservancy said “Like many Gulf Coast people, it so had a loved one working on an oil rig the day the deep water Horizon exploded.” Overall, Ocean Conservancy led by and founded by John Denver, are committed to reduce ocean trash by using volunteers as there main point of this project.

Argument Towards Successful Solution

The Ocean Cleanup is a successful organization because of how hi-tech the technology is and how of advanced project is and will be. People and organizations who only eat fish for there #1 source of protein won't have that anymore because how much fish are dying from the ocean trash. If people eat fish for protein and if the fish have trash in there systems, people cant and wont eat fish. The Ocean Cleanup organization helps the world by creating a piece of art to clear the ocean for us with no problem. Us people and marine life that are exposed to ocean trash get heavily effected like marine life dying and humans losing diet because they only eat fish. Ocean Cleanup is well because of what the statistics show. Also, Ocean Cleanup has more consistency of cleaning more trash. The long tube gets trash from the deep ocean instead of getting trash from the shore. The long tube in the ocean can clean 50% of the Great PAcific Garbage Patch in 5 years said majors from Ocean Cleanup. “The Ocean Cleanup estimated to clean 90% of the plastic in the ocean world wide by 2040 and the world would be clean by 2050” said Ocean Cleanup organization. Most notably, The Ocean Cleanup is better than a lot more solutions because it's on a bigger scale are they have motivated and faster responding then a lot of other things to solve the ocean trash problem. A lot of people have also donated. The Ocean Cleanup is a fascinating project and to add they raised 21 million in funds in 2017, from the Ocean Cleanup finds tab on the website. Even though it's in the deep ocean, it surrounds the deep with a 600 meter long tube with a depth of 3 meter skirt to catch the rest of the trash, said Ocean Cleanup in there “How It Works” YouTube video. Surely, The Ocean Cleanup is a very big help in and will be in the future. This solution is better because relying on people is bad asn this sort of technology is outstanding vs people volunteering. Young people should be scared as it can cut there life short because of this problem.

While it is true that the Ocean Cleanup can help marine life and us humans by the tube catching ocean trash. Some research asserts that OCean Conservancy is better for the ocean because there is many volunteers for the organization. The important thing to remember is that volunteering and this organization is something needs to be performed because the more people donat, volunteer, or even just et knowledge and know some limits about trash. Ocean Conservancy does a lot like volunteers to help and a lot of money to raise. It also adds options th what location you want to clean at. Again 12 million volunteers have been associated with this organization. Ocean Conservancy also has a option if you feel like just donating is not a lot or too little to help our oceans you can give money monthly and with that money it will help the company with planning ahead and faster responding to emergencies and a lot more better resources for the future. Although Ocean Conservancy has great feature ad great people to help the ocean, the benefits of Ocean Cleanup are more effective than Ocean Conservancy due to the simple fact that it is only volunteering and rely on us people. On another hand, Ocean Conservancy is very well and fast responding because there are millions of people that have and will help in the future. For example, some people enjoy cleaning and most of us would like to help our world not to dramatically but a little piece of trash can go a long way in the future. Ocean Conservancy has raised more money due to the fact it is more open to the community than just a project. Also, Ocean Conservancy is trying and doing a lot to help the community get together and help our worlds problem. Ocean Conservancy has people sign up and will hae simple tasks to tell the volunteer and that person will go a long way with helping the company. Ocean Conservancy does not provide equipment because it is your rules how you clean our world and you balances and challenges. Overall, Ocean Conservancy is a very good temporary solution but it will never be able to cleanup the entire ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup is better as they have modern day technology, they can clean up the ocean more effectively and promises to clean up the ocean by 2050. Obviously by looking at the facts the Ocean Cleanup is better. As a matter of fact, If we don't get rid of ocean trash around the world, the climate and all organisms will suffer. For example, In March a 32.8 foot sperm whale was found dead off the the coast of Spain. After an autopsy it was discovered that the whale's stomach had oer 37 lbs of plastic in its stomach. As well as, everyone should feel bad because us humans made this dumb mistakes that are killing millions of marine life every year. We should never ever blame this on other problems because we should feel bad and not just walk away from our problems. We should fix this problem and not think of what we did in the past ut what we will do in the future to fix this stupid mistake we made. If we dont fix this our next generation and much more will have to live with our mistakes. Unquestionably, humans need to decrease their carbon footprint, if not the world and our oceans will be in a bad place for our future generations.

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