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Why Animal Testing is Bad?

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Imagine being trapped in a cage that is about the same size as you, being burned, poisoned, drowned, shaved, and ejected several times a day. Animals have foreign chemicals poured onto shaved skin and into eyes. This causes them a lot of pain, suffering, and distress. These experiments can cause animals to become permanently brain damaged, blind, deaf, and ruins their ability to live normally. Although they are not humans, they have rights too. They have the right to be treated fairly and they deserve to be respected and cared for. Scientists put these animals through a lot of pain without getting much in return. There are two popular tests used in these labs, the Draize and the LD50 tests.

The Draize is a test for harmfulness of chemicals to the human eye that involves dropping the test substance into one eye of a rabbit without anesthesia using the other eye as a control. “The rabbits are kept in these restraints for up to three weeks so that their eye tissue can be monitored every twenty-hour hours This is cruel because unlike humans, rabbits have a third eyelid, the acidity in human eyes and rabbit eyes are completely different, and the tissue structure of the rabbit and human cornea are different causing these experiments to be unreliable. The LD50 test is defined as the animal research procedure in which any material or substance is administered to animals for the purpose of determining the concentration or dose of the material or substance which will achieve any predetermined death. This causes animals to suffer for long periods of time until they die.

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Animals testing has been used for years, and it has helped discover medicines our society needs. “Animals supplied nutrition to humans and transmitted diseases to them.” Such as, we have had great benefits from these testing, however, our technology has evolved in many ways so we should not have to keep relying on old habits that are not always reliable. Many of the experiments we do on these animals end up being wrong. According to PETA “More than 90 percent of basic scientific discoveries, most of which are from experiments on animals, fail to lead to human treatments.”

Meaning, most of the trauma scientist put the animals through is not always reliable. Every species is different in some way. Although monkeys and humans have similar biological make up, we are also completely different. All animals will most likely react differently to each experiment. “According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), animal tests “often fail to provide good ways to mimic disease or predict how drugs will work in humans, resulting in much wasted time and money.”” This causes roughly 100 million animals to die for no good cause.

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