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Accident Prevention System

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Automobile are very useful in both domestic and industrial for transportation of good and for personal use. But the main disadvantage is there are chances of accident on road. But there are many ways we can implement to reduce the accident by providing small devices.

Currently the impact of Sensors is huge in the world. It is widely used to make new and innovative projects which helps in daily life of the people a lot. The project we made is entitled as ‘Accident Prevention System’. In this project we will take the camera and a LED display. Camera captures the vision and this vision is then displayed on the screen. This system can be used by everyone who is interested in increasing their comfort in car and also prevent the accident.


Problem definition

In today’s world, the use of automobile is drastically increased with the advancement in technology. The use of sensor’s and other electronic equipment including Artificial Intelligence is also greatly increased in recent times for safety and providing better comfort level to passenger as well as driver of the vehicle.

Due to the increase use of Automobiles, the number of accident is also increasing on roads in daily life. So, it is important to make an device which can be equipped in vehicle and can be helpful in preventing accident with minimum cost as cost is one of the important factor in production of the equipment and any other product.

Overview of Project

Main purpose of the project is to design a structure with reference to different principles and structure like Parking Assist and Lane Assist System. This product will be used to increase the safety of the passengers. To accomplish this we need to focus on different aspects of causes of accident and by understanding them from basics.

Currently the methods used are to protect the passengers in vehicle after the accident, but what if there is chance to prevent the accident. So, we are trying to use the different angles and methods to apply in our project and make a modified in side mirror to increase the chances of preventing the accidents.

Objective of Project

  • To increase the safety provided to the driver and passenger with minimal cost .
  • To minimize the chances of accident of vehicle during overtaking on the road.
  • Reduce the discomfort happening to the driver during driving a vehicle.

Autonomous lane control system

An autonomous lane control system is disclosed that allows the vehicle to automatically control the speed and course of the vehicle to remain in a selected lane or change lanes. The lane control system allows the driver to select either a lane changing mode or a lane keeping mode. The vehicle controls changing lanes without human intervention when the lane changing mode is selected

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Initially we observed the main causes of accident on road specially on highway with single lane. Also the frequency of accident also increases when truck and other heavy loading vehicles are ahead of small vehicle such as car. With the solution there were also difficulties of its cost, vision , environment factors.

The function of basic components are as follows:-

  • Camera Lens:- The camera lens is used to capture the scene in front of it. It is one of the main component in system.
  • LED Display:- The LED display is used to display the scene captured by lens. It is located on the right side of the driver side and it helps in guiding the driver.
  • Battery:- Battery is the power house for this system. It provides the necessary electric charge require to run the system.
  • Stand:- Stand is used to hold the display in particular position and doesn’t allow it to fall.
  • Side Mirror :- Side Mirror is the house or cabin for lens. It holds the lens in correct position.


  • The Camera Lens is placed firmly in side mirror.
  • The hole is done with the help of Hole Saw.
  • The lens capture the vision and it is projected in the display which is located or placed in the driver cabin.
  • The driver can operate the camera with the help of switch which is provided on the steering wheel.
  • The driver can then take the decision of overtaking the vehicle which is ahead of him.


With System Installed Without System Installed

Left Side of view in Figure Shows the Car with System installed whereas the Right side shows the car without system installed. Both the Car is running at normal condition on Road. The system saves life of driver and passenger by assisting driver in overtaking, furthermore this system gives accurate decision to driver.

In this situation, both the car wants to overtake the truck which is in front of it. The Car with system installed just have to move a bit or maybe just need to come in the same line as truck to view if someone is coming from opposite lane whereas the car without system need to get more outside to view if someone is coming from opposite lane or not. The figure shows both the view point.

So, if someone is coming from opposite lane , car with system installed just not need to move much or many a times it is not necessary as it stays in its lane to get the view. But it is not same with the car without system, it needs to cover a long distance and this requires more time and many a times the accident occurs with cars or may be slippage of vehicle during the process of bringing back the vehicle in its original lane.


Advantages of project

  • Accident can be prevented by huge number.
  • Lives of people can be saved
  • Damage to vehicle can be prevented
  • Overtaking can be easily done at less risk

Limitation of project

  • Distant object cannot be seen clearly
  • Efficiency can get affected due to different weather condition
  • Another cost is added to vehicle


Thus it can be concluded that it will decrease the accident during overtaking in a huge number. It is a reliable device with low cost and can have widespread application in Automotive Segment.



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