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Car Accident Essay

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A Father’s prized possession will always be his little girl. Car accidents don’t just happen to cars, they also happen to us. The image is a component of a vigilance campaign done by a security routine. It was used as an advertisement to promote and bring to light the consequences of speeding. The main purpose of this picture is to bring awareness to what speeding and driving recklessly can not only do to an individual but others as well. The little girl in the advertisement is a great example. Something like what happened to her can happen to anyone who is not driving with precaution. The intended audience is those who drive unsafely, use no precautions, and don’t think about the overall consequences of their actions.

If you pay attention to the young girl in the advertisement, she has a huge dent in her head, I also had that same exact dent in my head. That’s the primary reason why this image grabbed my attention. In addition, you can notice the scratches and scars on her face, they are linked to the aftermath of a car collision. Some of the cuts and scars on her face show that it was obvious she was involved in a car accident.

The advertisement provokes a lot of pathos emotions in its intended audience, and anyone who comes across the advertisement. The Pathos that is seen in the image makes one feel empathetic, compassionate, and sad for the girl because of the amount of damage to her head. I believe this visual image was picked by the advertisers because most people are inclined to associate children with ecstasy and jubilance, but with the girl’s expression exhibiting absolutely no sign of either or, people become unconsciously aware of the consequences their actions could possibly have on themselves and innocent others. Therefore, this advertisement tries to convince, influence, and persuade people to be safer and more cautious when they drive.

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Kids are meant to have fun and play freely with no worries of getting into an accident or getting hit by a car, but at the end of the day it’s not up to the kids to be safe, it’s up to the driver. Her sense of innocence increases the audience’s sympathy toward her. I know it increased my sympathy towards her because I too got into a severe car accident last year in Hollister. I was towing a boat late at night that I had just picked up from service and was taking to our storage. My stomach began growling, so I decided to take a spin into town and get something to eat. Afterward, I left town and made my way to deliver the boat, and from this day on I don’t remember anything else besides that and what others have told me.

If you look at the box located in the lower-left corner of the advertisement, Logos can be visually perceived. It reads, “at 60 km/h it takes 8 meters more to stop than at 50.” Since there are 26 feet in 8 meters it makes the audience celebrate, and think deeply, if the person who had hit the child had only been going 50 km/h instead of 60 km/h, 26 feet was all that was needed to stop before hitting the child. This tragedy could have been prevented if the driver would have only been more cautious. The logos used in this advertisement is intended to resonate with people who make more of a connection through logical reasoning.

I myself was able to make a connection with this advertisement both through the logos and pathos approach. Just as I made this compassionate connection, I’m sure many other individuals throughout the world did too when they saw this visual representation. Not only was I able to connect with this advertisement through logos and pathos, but through personal experience too.

Ethos is also shown in this visual by the engenderers of this ad a prominent company in France that fixate on apprising the public of the perils of irresponsible driving. Irresponsible driving led to both me and the person inside of the tractor being flown to an intensive care unit with him breaking both of his legs and his wrist. Now that I am physically and emotionally better, I’m in school and living my life to the fullest like nothing ever happened to me. My mentality before my accident changed quite a bit. I do not believe this photo will affect anybody else as much as it affected me because my life’s history is different than anyone else’s. I entered the ICU unconscious and my brain swelled. The surgeons had no other choice but to remove half of my skull because I was in a life-or-death situation. Having been in a vegetable state for one month, and a total of three months in the hospital, seven months ago I can say my life is important and there was a reason why I was given a second chance. Driving a couple of miles faster can ruin your and another person’s life. All in all, I do believe this visual was successful because it truly resonated with me and I’m sure it resonated with many more people. Remember, car accidents don’t just happen to cars, they also happen to us.

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