AI: Ascending Innovations Descending Humanity

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Technology is ascending fast more than people could ever grasp. The fall of the human race has been feared. Artificial Intelligence has been discussed and predicted for over decades to be more useful and more knowledgeable than humans. Now, everything has come into reality. The point is, as super AI machines and such become more and more innovative, the future is at stake as it slowly replaces humanity.

As human as people are, greed of things is not inevitable. There are three major reasons as to why the dominance of AI can be threatening to human kind. Firstly, domination of machines over humans. Secondly, slothiness and decrease of critical thinking among individuals. Lastly, in the near future, AI is set to create something destructive.

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According to a Mckinsey Global Institue report, 375 million jobs worldwide will vanish by 2030 and it is due to the advancement of technology. Also, 95% of the jobs will be taken by machines and robots. Subsequent to the Industrial Revolution, machines began taking the place of manual workers. With this, people became less physically active resulting to a sedentary lifestyle. People are becoming slaves of modern technology (Katina Michel, 2014). As innovations became more advanced, our skills in critical thinking and analysis have also declined. AI being the end of human race has been prophesied by Physicist Stephen Hawking, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. 'Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last' (Hawking, 2014).

Hawking also believed that as time comes, AI such as OpenAI could outwit financial markets, out-invent human researchers, out-manipulate human leaders, and evolve weapons people could not even fathom. The scope of the benefits of AI may be big, but it will never be in moderation as people take use of it. Although the invention of machines make work faster and easier for people working in medical fields and such, AI has replaced the sense of purpose of humans. With the help of technology, lessons and information can be obtained with just one click, but what people get from it are not absorbed thoroughly. The advancement of technology has lead to the creation of super smart AIs that is foretold to cause perishing of humans. The actual essence of every individual has changed. Human reasoning and thinking has been declining as computers possess more data.

The possibility for a 'dystopia industry' has been envisioned as more indecipherable innovations come to life. With these threats to human kind, the only key to survive is to interrupt AI learning processes but not changing the way the machines learn and ultimately, the use of AI devices with restrictions. By now, humans should be looking for ways in preventing the supremacy of AI as disadvantages start to interfere with people's lives. Everything innovated within the planet is a product of a man's intelligence. As creators, would we let these creations destroy us?

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