Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Threat to Humanity?

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Artificial Intelligence has become a huge controversy between scientist within the past few years. The goal of AI is to simplify life and improve the performance of just about everything around us. But many have asked themselves will artificial intelligence improve our communities in ways we humans can’t, or will they just cause danger to us? I believe that artificial intelligence potentially can improve the performance of just everything around us but it can also be a danger. Even Stephen Hawking predicted the worst in 2014: 'I think the development of a complete artificial intelligence could end humanity' The threat would be very serious.

What are the arguments of these whistleblowers? First of all, there are risks to employment: computers are becoming more intelligent and they could go beyond human intelligence. Some even imagine AI to replace humans in intellectual activities. According to a study published by Oxfords University in May 2017, there is a 50% chance that artificial intelligence will outpace humans for just about any task in 34 years.

Another problem is the risk of reinforcing cybercrime but also leading to the use of drones or robots for terrorist purposes: This 100-page report was written by 26 experts in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and robotics. They belong to universities (Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Stanford) and non-governmental organizations (OpenAI, Center for a New American Security, Electronic Frontier Foundation).

These experts call on governments and the various stakeholders to put in place parades to limit potential threats related to artificial intelligence. 'We believe that the attacks that will be allowed by the increasing use of AI will be particularly effective.' the report said. Experts point out that terrorists could modify commercially available AI systems (drones, autonomous vehicles) to cause crashes, collisions or explosions.

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Moreover, 'cybercrime, already strongly rising, is likely to be reinforced with the tools provided by the IA,' says Seán Ó HÉigeartaigh, director of the University's 'Center for the Study of Existential Risk'. from Cambridge, one of the authors of the report. 'We have already seen how people are using technology to try to interfere in elections and democracy. '

With AI, it should be possible to make very realistic fake videos, and this could be used to question politicians, warns the report. 'If AI allows these threats to become stronger, more difficult to spot and attribute, this could pose big problems of political stability and perhaps help trigger wars,' Seán Ó Heigeartaigh said.

However, reducing artificial intelligence to these threats would be a mistake. Because the AI already brings many solutions to the Man. The alliance of Big Data, that is to say, the recovery and analysis of a large number of data, and AI, allows, for example, to better diagnose and cure diseases or prevent climate risks.

So, the AI: danger or luck? In my opinion, it is a little bit of the two, as long as there is a balance between the improvements allowed by technical progress and the regulations needed to protect citizens.

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