The Growth of Humanity in the World

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Around 1700 B.C. the code of Hammurabi was formed. It was made by the a Babylonian king named Hammurabi, he ruled around 1792 to 1750 B.C. It was the most complete legal codes with 282 rules. It was stolen from the king but rediscovered in 1901. Hammurabi's code was written onto a big finger-shaped black stone pillar. It was around two and a half feet tall weighing over four tons and made of diorite. One of the rules was like “an eye for an eye”. Which meant if someone does you wrong then you get to do them wrong.

Confucianism is like a way of life, like religion basically. They say it the chinese way of life but it is more complicated. It has to deal with education, society, and government. Confucian values have been here for over 2000 years , centuries and a source for people to be inspired by them in the sintic world. They belief that people are kind hearted, able to learn and grow and improve and become perfect.

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The neolithic revolution began around 10000 B.C. in the middle east where people started to farm their used stone tools and started to use agriculture. The stone Age began to use agriculture. The Neolithic human made emmer wheat cereal. Thats was the first crop made by them. They hunted pigs boar anything meat they hunted it. It was like a diet for the neolithics.

Iron weapons was part of life back in those days. They used swords knifes anything that would melt and become sharp they used it. People where very violent back in the stone age and iron age. Where they mostly used iron as a main resource. They say violence solves nothing, well back in those times they did. They would slotter each other just bacuase they took a piece of food or something. They would fight and argue for anything.

Trade has been important since the stone age, maybe longer. When you trade in the lunchline so you could the bag of chips you want and you wit your friends who want the cookies you have. Just a compromise. Trade is fair because everyone wins and you get want and so the other. And as people come to an agreement less wars happen, violence stuff like that. Trade is to get what you need from someone that you don’t have. If i don’t have any trees in my state. Would ask another state who doesn’t have stone even though i have i can give them stone ad give me wood. It all an compromise.

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