The Benefits Of The NSC Artificial Intelligence Act

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Artificial Intelligence is a quickly growing industry, and one that is changing all the time. The fantasy of robots and self-driving cars usually seen in sci-fi- movies are now being made into a quickly approaching reality. Long term goals of artificial intelligence in the general intelligence part are language processing, realization, and knowledge representation. Like any subject, further development is needed to achieve the full potential of Artificial Intelligence in America. The establishment of a National Security Commission Artificial Intelligence Act can add positive ramifications that could improve America’s economic well-being and further progress as a leading nation. Congress must pass the National Security Commission Artificial Intelligence Act because this Act would advance the development of Artificial Intelligence, as well as help advance military employment of artificial intelligence.

The first benefit that this act can offer is in military employment of A.I. Defense forces from foreign nations are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into weapons used on land, air, water and space platforms. China is one of the U.S’s leading competitors “primarily using A.I to develop a variety of autonomous military vehicles. In 2017, the Chinese government released a report which detailed their plan to take the lead in Artificial Intelligence by 2030” (Hoadley). Another competitor is Russia, focusing on robotics. The passing of an A.I act can enable development of effective warfare systems which are less reliant on human input and manpower which is beneficial because a lot of these assignments, like mine clearing, are dirty and dangerous. Artificial Intelligence is not restricted to human limitations like fatigue and risk of injury. They also require significantly less maintenance. This act will also enable A.I. to empower high speed weapons to execute collaborative attacks against threats “ an autonomous system would have the ability to rapidly analyze data and react, without human limitations, including panic and injury” (Ng). Another perk for the military is increased cybersecurity. One of America’s most imminent threats through the internet is Russia, who can cause failure of military equipment and breach national secrets. The U.S has already seen an example of this recently, in 2016 when Russia interfered with the U.S presidential elections to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump. As of now, cybersecurity relies on human knowledge and intervention. If something were to malfunction, or was in need of an update, a human would have to take time out of their schedule to fix it. However, Artificial Intelligence can recognize patterns of malicious software and analyze large amounts of data, in less time than compared to a human. This also decreases the risk of malware being transferred by human error “since about 75 percent of cybersecurity failures begin with the attacker manipulating the user into compromising their own security” (Horowitz).

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The establishment of this act will not only benefit the military, but also the general population, specifically students. By passing this act, the government can establish new education programs. This can improve students analytical thinking. As of now “workforce and education incentives are to attract and recruit leading talent in artificial intelligence and machine learning” (Mann). Using A.I in education provides teachers with a new type of learning, called personalized learning. This combines technology to help teachers personalize learning for each student. Establishing artificial intelligence in education programs also helps children develop their vocabulary and provide A.I based tutoring which will track students’ progress and provide statistics to instructors helping them form a lesson plan .In addition to this, implementing A.I in education fields leads to increased job opportunities, specifically in the S.T.E.M field because employers want people who are more technically skilled, have good math skills, and good social skills. For example, “from the 1900s to 2000s the U.S population employed in agriculture dropped from 44 percent to only 2 percent, as jobs requiring manual labor are easily replaceable. However, jobs in the S.T.E.M field only declined by 0.12 percent from 2000-2012” (Deming).

The passing of the A.I Act will also maintain the United States’ technological advantage. As of 2020, the United States is one of the most technologically advanced country in the world, with Japan following closely behind. This act improves areas in quantum computing and high performance computing. Over the past years, quantum computing has improved fields in information sciences like computing, cryptography and secure communication. “development in this area can lead to intelligence machines which are self -sufficient and learn rapidly by interacting with the environment” (Zyga). With this act, companies can solve problems in seconds, which would have previously taken years to solve, saving time, money and labor. In addition to this, quantum computing heightens our knowledge of climate change, and helps in creating new medicines and treatments. Using A.I to develop quantum computing allows the U.S. to develop new inventions such as self- driving cars. The most beneficial aspect of A.I in quantum computing is reinforcement learning, providing potential to produce improvements in learning efficiency.

High performance computing is also another area that gains an advantage from the expansion of artificial intelligence. “artificial intelligence will improve customer loyalty, achieving low prices to directly benefit the bottom line. People will now be able to accelerate innovation and achieve new levels of understanding through Artificial Intelligence and analytics” (Raich). By implementing A.I into High performance computing, the pharmaceutical industry and precision medicine will benefit from new inventions.

A common argument made against the passing of this act is that the American military does not need artificial intelligence to further develop military employment, since they will not use such advanced techniques in daily operations. This argument can be proven false with the simple topic of weapons targeting. Currently, these targeting systems are based on how quickly they can lock onto a target and the accuracy with which it does. These autonomous weapon platforms use computer vision to identify potential targets. “ they allow the ever vigilant “eyes” of computer vision to be trained on the skies to prevent surprise rocket attacks by targeting and shooting down enemy rockets in the air before they can detonate” (Gronlund). However, these are not allowed to fire without the approval of a monitoring operator. Using a fully automated system eliminates the risk of human error and human negligence. Another counterclaim that proves the argument wrong is homeland security. A part of homeland security is predictive analytics, which predicts the odds of a trend occurring again. This shows signs of construction for illegal activities. With the passing of the act, A.I can be further developed to identify these signs much earlier and prevent disasters efficiently and with minimal damage to civilians. Another area where Homeland security uses A.I is at border control. The United States CBP (Customs and Border Protection) must monitor all activities along the country’s borders on land, air and sea. To manage such amounts, the law enforcement body has employed companies using machine enhanced software to monitor all points. By using these “border security will be able to detect unlawful activities earlier and control trade in a more organized way” (DHS). Artificial Intelligence also develops facial recognition software which is hugely beneficial when needed to identify terrorists or threats to the nation. These show why the passing of the act is needed to protect American borders and eliminate threats without human error such as compassion or morality.

As the use of artificial intelligence becomes more and more prominent in the day to day lives of people, the risk of America being surpassed in the field of technology and technological advances is growing. As foreign nations develop their security to adapt with new technologies, America must grow with them and eventually surpass them to remain at an advantage, in case of a surprise attack from a foreign nation and to be able to help third world nations. “the growth of artificial intelligence will reshape the workforce and create new jobs as the demand for technologically skilled workers increases”(Mann). Further developing Artificial Intelligence with this act, will help in efficiently eliminating threats that foreign nations pose by deploying missiles or identifying unlawful acts. The National Security Commission Artificial Act brings benefits to many areas and fields, including medicine, technology and education. The passing of this act can change lives for the future generations by providing more technological advancements and opportunities and a safer environment to live in.

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