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America's Social, Political, and Economic Rise in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s

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Progression has been the number one goal throughout American history. With this progression, it caused many changes through the economy, social structure, and the political structure of America. This allowed America to be one of the top empires of its time. The reason why it allowed America to be one of the top empires of its time was through the use of freedom through its people in which many other nations did not have. During 1865-1939, Americans went through a period of great advancement because of the ‘American Dream’ that strived in all Americans, allowing for massive social, political, and economical changes. There are three main reasons that support this position. First, America went through massive social changes due to the 27+ million immigrants who came from all over the world. Second, the political aspect of America was changed due to the progressive era in which a new political philosophy was adopted. Third, the economical aspect of America was changed due to the Gilded age which allowed for the economic boom of America.

Due to the massive number of immigrants coming from around the world to America, this allowed for the social aspect of America to change entirely. During the early 1900s, over 27 million immigrants came to America. With a majority coming from Europe but also some coming from Canada. New York City was the main port for immigrants to come through. Because of this, many homes on the East Coast became known to have populations such as Jewish and Italian. Immigrants came to American due to the job opportunities that it had to offer. Those jobs consisted of working at mining sites, being a farmer, and working at various steel factories. This also allowed for the rise of the blue-collar worker. The manufacturing industry was very big at this time because of the war. Another major impact that allowed for the social aspect of America to change was the changes in the role that Americans played. Females were able to do a lot more things than before. In 1919 the 19th amended was passed which allowed females to vote. Females were getting more of a say of what they wanted and what they wanted to do in life. Before. females didn’t have any say, they were the ones who stayed home and watched the kids. Now that this amendment was passed, it allowed for a new generation of socialism. Because of the diverse stream of immigrant coming into America and the new amendments which allowed for women to make more of a change, this allowed America to start to be socially reconstructed.

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The political aspect of American was changed due to the Progressive Era in which a new political philosophy was adopted. The amount of energy that these new progressive politics consisted of really challenged the state and local levels of government. Reason for this is because Theodore Roosevelt challenged the issue-driven presidency than any other president. He implemented a thought in environmental conservation into the new world of politics. Presidents were constantly challenge government and implementing new laws and ideas. An example of this would be the Federal Reserve act of 1913 that both Wilson and the Democratic Congress incorporation in their plan. Another way in which politics changed were in the African American culture. Between 1914 and 1920, over half a million African Americans fled to make Chicago’s South Side new areas for both new black politics and culture. Third, new politics changed in the role in which both men and women played in American. Women experienced much change through this time. After gaining the ability to vote, they had viewed themselves and politics actors. By 1920 the view of women was completely changed and they had much more of a say in America than they did before. Due to the Progressive Era, African American’s obtaining more of a say, and due to women allowing to have more of a say in America, this allowed the political physiology of America to completely change.

The economical aspect of America completely changed due to the boom that that America had gone through with the economy. The Gilded age was an area of growth for American. The waged of America had far surpassed those of the European. Reason for this is the industrialization that America had gone through. This allowed for a wage growth of over 60%. Another reason why the economy of America had changed was due to the automobile industry. During the 20s, cars were opened to the public and because of that the number of cards had closed to tripled. This allowed for the economy of America to rapidly grow. Reason for the automobile industry allowing the American economy to grow was because of the amount of steel and other various resources that were used to create cars. Due to high consumerism of these automobiles, this opened jobs for many people; thus, allowing the economy to grow even more in America. The agriculture industry was being changed and replaced by industry. America started to expand its interest around the world allowed for America to become more of a world power. This allowed for materials for America to be cheaper, both allowing for more consumption but also allowing prices to be cheap. Due to the economic boom of America, this allowed for America quickly become a national world power.

America quickly rose socially, politically, and economically during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Socially, America rose due to the amount of immigration that had entered the United States and also due to the role that women were starting to take on. Politically, America changed due to the progressive era and every president challenging the government by adding new laws and regulation. Lastly, America boomed economically due to the gilded age and also due to automobile rise. All of these reasons allowed for America to quickly become a national world power.

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