An Overview On Becoming Visible: Religion And Gender In Sociology

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The article Becoming Visible: Religion and Gender in Sociology goes into two main points. In the first point the author goes into detail about how religious participation is gendered disturbs the standard assumption about secularization. The second main point the author seeks to understand religion through a gender lens.


Throughout the article the author does not mention doing many surveys. She does mention one survey done in North America and Europe that say, “women are more likely to be members of and participants in religious groups” The author did not mention where she had gotten this information. She does through in a women’s own experience with feminist theology in 1997. How she felt and what she went through in her experience. These were the only collected data the author used. The author did do research from the looks of all the citations in the article.

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In this article the result from the research done shows women are freer than they have ever been. The grounds for feminism have shifted. However, are women free? Even in the U.S. women do not get the respect from government as they should. If look beyond the United States, women in some countries have no rights. They do not have the right to vote, drive, or even be who they want to be. Also, during the late twentieth and twenty first century the awareness of the persistence of religion in the United States and Europe has come alive. This is due to the factors including the political presence of Protestant evangelicals and the increasing pluralism of the religious landscape, religion has become visible in Europe and the United States in a way that it was not previously.


The result of this article is, over time there have been changes in society of how women are perceived. Being able to do what is not expected of them, like be the bread winner of the house hold, and do the dirty work men usually do. The things people never thought women should never be doing. However, there still parts of this world women still have not advanced. There are countries who still do not allow women to do much. As years go by religion becomes more aware. In small towns religion is a part of what the society is built around. People can tell how the churches can manipulate everyone and how they should look at things.

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