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Analysis of Philosophical Ideas in The Stranger by Camus

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Despite the fact that The Stranger is an anecdotal work, it contains a solid reverberation of the philosophical idea of silliness of Camus. In his compositions, Camus contends that there is no coherent reason or request in singular lives and human presence specifically. Also, on the grounds that it is hard for individuals to grasp this idea, they are constantly attempting to distinguish and build a sensible structure or importance in their lives. The expression ‘craziness’ depicts the worthless endeavor by humankind to build up a legitimate request in which there is nobody. While Camus doesn’t explicitly allude to the thought of ridiculousness in The Stranger, it is inside the novel that the thoughts of preposterousness work. There is no ethical request in either the external world where Meursault lives or the inward universe of his considerations and frames of mind. Meursault’s activities, for example, his choice to wed Marie and his choice to slaughter the Arab, have no perceptible thought process.

All things considered, the way of life looks to manufacture and make discerning clarifications for the nonsensical activities of Meursault. The possibility that things occur for no reason now and again, and that occasions have no reason now and again, is dangerous and harming to society. In Part Two of the novel, the preliminary succession speaks to the endeavor by society to create objective request. Both the investigator and the lawyer of Meursault give purposes behind the wrongdoing of Meursault dependent on rationale, plan, and circumstances and logical results. Notwithstanding, truth be told, these clarifications have no premise and just fill in as endeavors to defuse the fearsome thought that the universe is silly. Consequently, the entire preliminary is a case of foolishness — a case of the purposeless endeavor of humankind to uphold rationale on a silly world. A second significant component of the crazy hypothesis of Camus is the idea that human life has no importance or reason for salvation. Camus guarantees that the main positive thing in life is the certainty of death, and all presence is similarly aimless in light of the fact that every single person will in the end meet demise.

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Meursault dynamically moves all through the novel towards this acknowledgment, however he doesn’t completely get a handle on it until after his last section contention with the clergyman. Meursault realizes that the world is neglectful of him similarly as he is not interested in a significant part of the universe. Like all people, Meursault was conceived, is going to pass on and it won’t make any difference any more. Incomprehensibly, he can accomplish satisfaction simply after Meursault arrives at this apparently horrid acknowledgment. That understanding aides Meursault, by recording a fruitful lawful intrigue, to set aside his fantasies about dodging execution. He finds that these fanciful desires, recently worried about his brain, will do minimal more than make a deception in him that demise can be anticipated. Meursault sees that his desire for continued life has been a weight. His discharge from this bogus expectation implies that he is allowed to live for what it is and to take advantage of the remainder of his life.

The Stranger shows Meursault that he is significantly more intrigued by the physical parts of his general surroundings than in their social or passionate viewpoints. This attention on the touchy world is the consequence of the novel’s case that human life doesn’t have any higher importance or request. Meursault’s accentuation all through The Stranger spotlights without anyone else body, his physical association with Marie, the climate, and other physical parts of his reality. The glow during the memorial service parade, for example, causes Meursault undeniably more torment than the idea of covering his better half. The glow during the memorial service parade, for example, causes Meursault definitely more torment than the idea of covering his significant other. Meursault’s style of portrayal likewise mirrors his physical intrigue. Despite the fact that he offers tight, plain portrayals while bypassing passionate or social circumstances while talking about themes, for example, nature and the climate, his depictions become distinctive and lavish.

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