Analytical Essay on Black Power Movement: History of Creation, Expression and Repression

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Primary Sources are sources that come straight from the person who has had direct contact with a person or a thing. When gathering facts about history and many other topics, primary sources are vital. Black Power was a movement in the nineteen-sixties and seventies that were supporting rights and political power for African American people but was presumed as violent. What if that was not the case? What if Black Power was not violent at all? Black Power: Expression and Repression is about the true Black Power and all the many things Black Power had to put up with. This analysis is primarily about Black Power being framed while trying to help African Americans.

Black Panthers wanted equal rights for African Americans. African Americans wanted the same things that whites had. They did not want their loves ones and friends to have to serve time in jail without being given a fair trial. They wanted jobs, better housing, land and education and to have a choice of rather they wanted to fight for a country that would not even protect them. Most of all, they wanted peace and justice for ALL.

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The Black Art Movement developed from the Black Power Movement. Ubi Girl from Tai Region by Loïs Mailou Jones is a painting depicting and accepting African America and its cultural vestige with precision and pride when revealing African Americans was extreme. The political concept that is made clear in this picture is the beauty of African Americans. Political concepts displayed are based on equity, constitutional rights, abuse of power, superiority, addition of the African American community, authority, and most of all freedom. Faith Ringgold’s painting, The Flag Is Bleeding, depicts an African American man standing beside a white couple, hand and hand while also covering his womb with his hand. The flag is not bleeding; instead, it is the blood of African Americans that has been shed at the hands of whites. The blood is that of the African American man and blacks as a whole. The political concept which is made clear in this painting is all the blood African Americans have shed because of their oppressors; white people.

Black Power was not a threat to national security. Black Power was being framed by the Intelligence Program. Taking into consideration of the FBI activity, Black Power being violent should be reconsidered because it was not what it seemed. The FBI was involved in anti-black repression. The FBI planted numerous amounts of evidence inside the houses of Black Power members. The FBI also used tactics such as forged letters to create tension and thwart coalitions and printed and passed out booklets to a group or person. They also provoked blacks to be against Jews. The FBI even initiated a program to discredit black organizations.

According to COINTELPRO Targets Black Organizations, FBI Uses Fake Letters to Divide the Chicago Black Panthers and the Blackstone Rangers, and “Special Payment” Request and Floor Plan of Fred Hampton’s Apartment, the FBI’s counterintelligence and surveillance of black power activist resembles the attack on the World Trade Center New York on September 11, 2001. The American public should be concerned with the abuse of power and the discrimination against American citizens viewed as un-American. If the public new of such unlawful acts going on, they should hold them liable for their actions taken. These acts should not be cruel and unjust to any group in no kind of way.

This document was written to bring attention to how black power was oppressed with counterintelligence agencies. The intended audience would be the people but primarily the government as an appeal to Congress aiming in generating improvement and surveillance on counterintelligence operations approved by special government agencies. The purpose of the counterintelligence programs was to target black organization, Black Power. This document is written in ordinary prose with evidence from excerpts from other documents detailing examples to highlight the neglect and abuse Black Power underwent in order to push for new improvements for counterintelligence. The author’s purpose was to provoke change and give responsibility to agencies which conduct unlawful acts of crime.

In conclusion, Black Power: Expression and Repression shows that Black Power was not a threat to national security and the governments counterintelligence programs abused their power. Their duties were to help, and they failed to do so. The documents mentioned above showed the desperation blacks went through in order to get their natural born rights. As individuals today, we must do your best to always hold the government and state authorities responsible for any actions being taken in order to prevent something like this from happening again.

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