Animal Farm' Persuasive Essay

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ATTENTION ALL ANIMALS! Are you tired of being mistreated by Jones? Are you tired of giving everything to him but not receiving anything back? You are not the only ones, I myself am distraught by the conditions that Jones has kept us in. Comrades, I am here today to talk about the horrendous fad that we call our lives here on this farm. You may think the farm is successful, but from who’s hard work? Ours, but who gets the benefits of the farm? Jones. We sit here living in these horrible conditions when Jones bathes in all the glory of our hard work! I’m tired of eating the lowly scraps, I’m tired of sleeping in the cold and I’m tired of only getting the bare minimum. Jones keeps us living in fear, fear that we’ll get whipped, fear that we might starve, and fear that we might even get killed. He uses us to his advantage and makes us work even harder, but gives us less and less in return.

We need to face the fact that our lives are indeed miserable, it involves much work but is cut short. From the second we are born we are only given as much food as that will keep us alive, and the ones who can, will be made to work until they collapse from exhaustion. Then at the very minute that we are no longer useful we are slaughtered without a single thought, Under the cruel conditions that Jones keeps us in no animal on this farm knows the feeling of happiness and freedom. As for your hens, you lay hundreds and hundreds of eggs each year, but so far none of them has hatched into chicks, as they are taken away before they could. And you cows, they take your milk until the very last drop leaving you dry, causing you to be unable to feed your hungry claves. And you sheep, they steal all of your precious fur leaving you miserable and freezing in the winter. Finally, you, Boxer and Benjamin, you guys have the strength and so you’re made to manage all of the heavy and exhausting jobs. Isn’t it then crystal clear who the cause of the evil in our lives is, Comrades? The tyrants who walk on two legs, the humans. If we were to get rid of the humans we would be able to live gloriously on this beautiful farm with all the freedom in the world.

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With much consideration, I propose that we should change this dreadful lifestyle we are stuck in. We are not able to reach our natural lifespans, once we are no longer considered useful we are killed without consideration and all die a grueling death. No animal escapes this cycle, the hens, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs boxers, and Benjamin. But I believe we are able to escape this hell once and for all, and with your help we are able to. So will you, comrades? What will we do? We will rebel against the humans, Why should we work day and night, with all of our body and soul, for we can overthrow the humans? Now say it with me comrades for we can and will do this! Four legs are good, and two legs are bad! Four legs are good, and two legs are bad! FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD!!

You may think that it’s hopeless and that we are destined for this horrid lifestyle, and freedom in our aspect is only a dream and is unreachable. That it is only a waste of time and that it is unachievable that we may be stuck in this life of ours. However comrades, I believe with all our hard work and dedication we can achieve it and we will! How much longer are you willing to live under the wrath of the humans? They are the enemy and we need to battle against them and if we don’t who will? For once and for all we shall change the cycle of how this farm works! Are you with me comrades!?

So to conclude, comrades, I think we should rethink our lives here on the farm and if we are happy with it. I speak for myself, but I do believe that no animal on this farm enjoys life here other than Jones. As for my objective, my message and goal for you can be concluded in one word; REBELLION!

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