Animal Farm' Reflection Essay

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In Animal Farms, George Orwell, a great social reformer, reflects that we should be cautious about the 'future possibility of totalitarianism' and he himself is skeptical of every 'version of ideal society' (White 73). The novella is said to be the masterpiece as it, very beautifully, exhibits the dystopia of society. Moreover, the novella is an allegory as both the setting and the characters have some deeper meaning and purposes, like the setting is at an Animal farm that has deliberately been utilized to represent Russia, and the animals on that farm represent the people participating in the Russian revolution. Both Napoleon and Snowball have significant roles to play in the story for the former, after the riot of rebellion, leads the Animal farm, while the latter encounters the former for being too authoritative and controlling.

Firstly, Napoleon is the most dominating character of the novel. Even he is described by Orwell as a 'fierce looking' boar who doesn't talk much but has the tendency to get his own way. Since he is antagonistically cunning, hypocritical, and power-drunk, he represents Joseph Stalin, the Soviet political leader who is known for his dictatorial powers and evil deeds. On the other hand, Snowball is an ideal leader like Leo Trotsky who was also a Soviet politician but, unlike Stalin, played a vital role in the Russian revolution. Talking about their relationship with other animals, it can be said that both have far different perspectives. Napoleon, being a leader, believes that the subordinates should be in control. He believes in the use of power against those who confront him. That is why, he does not enjoy a good relationship with other animals-the animals are afraid of him but they don't respect him. In contrast, Snowball believes in fabricating relationships with the other animals with a democratic attitude that gives them a lot of space (White 74). For example, he keeps arranging a meeting on Sundays with animals for the development of Animal Farm. He is the actual heir of Old Major for he follows the system called Animalism-that is a system designed for the well-being of animals. Napoleon is corrupt and selfish, as he changes the seven commandments in his own favor and seeks power, Snowball is a devoted and selfless leader who works for the welfare of Animal Farm. Moreover, Napoleon is the victimizer and Snowball is the victimized. For instance, Napoleon sends the vivacious dogs after Snowball to attack and kill him but he, like Trotsky escaped from Stalin's conspiracy ran out of the country, runs out of Animal Farm.

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Conclusively, both the characters are significant but Snowball is a better leader because of his being revolutionary and developmental attitude. He does not want power, a trait of totalitarianism, but wants social reforms. He, unlike Napoleon who walks on two legs like men so that he should gain powers like them, is Orwell's reflection on freedom from slavery through strength and revolution (Moarse 89).

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