Life of Pi' Themes Essay

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Through research, I've learned that a theme is an idea or a message that highlights the experiences of being human. In my opinion, I feel as if it is like a hidden parable in every form of literature

Life Of Pi has a number of major themes and I feel that the director Ang Lee has effectively portrayed this theme of religious belief and believing in God is clearly the main theme in Life Of Pi, because this story truly has the power to change people's lives and perspective in how to approach their beliefs in life

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Throughout the movie, Pi makes his belief in God clear For example the Film shows Pi talking to a Priest in a church trying to find out about God through Christianity The director portrayed the cross with an eye-level Angel showing us that Jesus is looking apron his people In an inferior position

It is true love because he grew up in different divisions of religion as he was Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. I feel as if the director portrayed Pi as someone who was amazed by the idea of Lacking belief. At the same time, he still felt he should respect atheists because of his lack of understanding.

Storytelling is also one of the themes based around Life Of Pi, This is mainly Used in the form of a Character becoming the narrator. The Film actually changes color in different scenes in order to portray the different moods of the Story for example when Pi Falls in love bright bubby colors are used to portray Happiness.

So Basically the Story of Pi is just a story being emphasized throughout in order for the viewer to relate. This also brings the essence of hearing a story from its Originality, thus also giving the author/director the authority to completely retell the story at the end as Pi speaks to the Japanese officials.

The director portrays Pi's face in a close-up camera shot in order to show the change in facial expression between him telling the first story and him changing it. This also is in connection with the belief in nonbelievers. The relativity of the Truth is not really highlighted as a big theme in Life Of Pi until the last part of the film as Pi retells his entire story.

He does this so that the story is actually believable to the officials that were questioning him. In the themes, the director's intention is to educate. The Film portrays and glamorizes Freedom and its consequences, The ship and Pi being separated from his family is symbolic as Pi falls into deep waters he also is set free from his family.

This is in connection with us humans trying to find our purpose in life and most of us seem to struggle to understand the idea of finding our path this also being the battle between religion and Science. Much like Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby is very much based on very influential themes and is also based on a character becoming a narrator.

The Director of Life of Pi is very similar to Baz Luhrmann who is very over the top with the way he portrays his films this is evident in The Great Gatsby. He used Leonardo DiCaprio who has a very strong president in his character. The Great Gatsby is a story of love, Crime, and riches but this film is much bigger than that. The Great Gatsby is very symbolic of the 1920s.

These times in America where times where America's were prospering in terms of wealth after the war we can see this in the time of color used in the flashbacks as he used your browns and greys to show that it's taking us back so the film itself is a theme portraying the 1920s as an era of the falling of social and moral values.

This also introduced us to the theme of greed and pursuing pleasure at anyone's expense This is also known as America's Capitalism as I learned in history, meaning it was the time when you help yourself or stay poor the rich become rich and the poor remained poor. This was portrayed by the director through recklessness with parties, exotic music, and Alcohol.

Like Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby portrays the themes through Characters and their emotions. The various people went to Gatsby's parties without knowing the purpose of the parties and the intent of Gatsby.

So more than anything Characters of the Great Gatsby are emblems of social trends. Only millionaires or wealthy people had an interest in Gatsby because of his class and position in terms of society. Lust and Love also had a way of creating connections between people of different levels of class

The clash between old money and new money grew itself in the film which was symbolic East Egg represented the established people in Labour, and West Egg represented the established self-made rich people like Meyer Wolfshiem and Gatsby This was also portrayed by the colour when it west egg shown it was dark dull and full of grey factory smoke. This also symbolizes the rise of organized crime and corruption.

In conclusion, I fully understand Lombardi’s words when he states that, the writer may express insight about humanity or worldview through a theme because it was actually portrayed in the film with the intention of educating and creating a bond with the characters because of the fact that most people can

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