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Political anthropology is a specialized field of anthropology that focuses on the study of primitive society and its organizations. It studies the different sociopolitical organizations in pre societies such as peasants, pre-industrial and modern societies to gain the important highlights of political organizations as integral parts of the social-cultural system. It illustrates the evolution of human beings.

It seems to understand the pre-political organizations, such as how society was organized, and its relation to the cultural and social system. It seeks to understand the different functional aspects of political organizations and how they interact with other systems or organizations, such as the economy, family, and others. It put its focus on the stateless political organizations and also on economic, social, and cultural shared or distributed of power in all societies.

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It seeks to understand how pre-societal political systems are used to maintain social order on the basis of the social control mechanisms and a set of rules and standards. It is an extended comparison to comprehend political systems by revealing that law and crime are not cultural universal and by evaluating the expression and resolution of conflict or tension in communities without the intervention of government laws and regulations

Political science

It focuses on the study of sophisticated and modern societies' political systems rather than pre-political societies. It is the study of formal societies rather than informal ones like political anthropology. It is not interested in the historical political events and the maintenance of social order such as norms and informal rules that were used to maintain social order. It is a science because it investigates political systems as different from other subjects. It delves into politics when many activities converge on diverse political issues.

It considers man as a political being. It is interesting the political systems that are not dependent on or rely on other systems. Under political science, formal complex, structural, organizational, and political functional systems are studied.

Describe the allocation of power in advanced culture in terms of the official and unofficial degrees of formality and modernity. It studies the use of military force as well as constitutional legal processes to maintain order. It provides a restricted and comparative view of political systems by asserting the law and crime as part of cultural universal complex civilization societies.

Political is restricted because it does not study cross-cultural society politics but state based on maintaining logical social relation within a fixed territory. On the other hand, political anthropology is the complex subfield of social cultural anthropology because the fact is that, it studies the stateless groups with no defined meaning

Relationship between political anthropology and history

Both history and political anthropology are linked to one another. There are interested to understand what happened in the past. History is the foundation of understanding the early culture, whether it`s politics, social, economic, or any other organization. History can also give a clear view of what happened in the past. History is also studied the political organizations and politics as a whole; in pre societies like political anthropology. There apply the same method when studying the past as results there are linked to each other.

Both political and history provide us with a lot of information for comparison and induction on the past. History seeks to understand what happened in the past, to be able to compare the pre-political and modern political systems. This is the true political history, which will require knowledge of the state formation, expansion, and fall. The same political anthropology examines the past to understand what happened in the past.


History does not only focus on past political systems. History is too diverse, it studies much of it, such as the history of art, science, interventions, discoveries, language, tradition, attire, industry, and religion, as a result, it has little to do with politics and provides no material for politics study.

Political anthropology is a specialized field of anthropology, which is specialized in political organizations. It does not study everything about anthropology like history. History studies everything about social aspects while political anthropology studies political organizations and their concepts.

Difference between political anthropology and Sociology

Sociology studies society as a whole while political anthropology studies specific components of the society, which is considered as a politically organized unit, whereas sociology does not study a specific component but society as a whole and the man. Political anthropology is more specialized than sociology as sociology studies every aspect of society.

Political anthropology deals with a specific field known as politics, by saying which means it has a better focus than sociology. Sociology differs from political anthropology as it investigates every aspect of social institutions such as school, family, kinship, work environment, religion, and so on. Political anthropology as a specialization is interested in the pre-political side, it investigates the political systems as the aspects of the social-cultural system as a result, sociology is considered to generally as it studies every aspect of a society, whereas political anthropology is considered a specialized science.

Political anthropology analysis primitive political organizations such as bands, tribes, kingdoms, and other. It concerns political systems in pre-societies whereas sociology concerns modern organizations.

Sociology is a diverse science, it focuses on all types of social relationships whereas political anthropology focuses on the political aspect of social relationships in a unique way.


Both science studies the informal and informal organizations, which are found in the costumes, traditions, folkways, mores, and norms. Both are interested to understand the maintenance of social control mechanisms. Societies that are orderly and not, are studied under this social sciences. There are interested to understand the social organization. There borrow ideas from one another.

Both are part of social science. Both declines are interested to understand what keeps society functioning and the maintenance of social order.

Similar between psychology and political anthropology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It seeks to understand the human mind, both individuals and groups. It provides an explanation of the motive of human behavior in society. It aims to comprehend how people and why people believe in the different or same aims to determine traditional human behavior.

Social psychology studies cross-cultural society and its characteristics in the same manner as political anthropology. Psychology studies the nature of the human mind to understand its function in individuals and groups. Both are science.

Political anthropology is interested in the social-cultural political relationship and in order to comprehend them, psychological effects must be considered. The conduct of human behavior is represented by social-political rules and norms considered. Political organizations have remained stable because of mental conceptions and moral sentiment.


Political anthropology is a specialized field while psychology is a complex science that focuses on the human mind and behavior. Psychology seeks to understand human behavior by studying the human mind. It is mostly focused on the individual rather than a group of people. It seeks to relate mind and behavior. Psychology studies the mind to understand the behavior

Political anthropology does not focus on the individual but on groups of seeks to understand the behaviors of cross-cultural groups rather than individuals. There apply different subjects matter when studying behavior. Its focus is on political systems. It studies people and their society to understand their behavior.

The study of political anthropology is important in today`s world, it provides us with a clear understanding of what happened in the past, relating to the social-political data, that we can use to help other social science. It helps us to compare the systems of modern political systems with the past. Political anthropology can help us with the understanding of issues like national identity, arising of conflict ethics, the meaning of our political organizations, and the reasons that make sometimes people take law into their own hands.

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