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Contributions When Archimedes returned home, the king was faced with a problem because he didn’t know how to empty water from the hull of a ship, so he recurred to Archimedes. According to the article Archimedes of Syracuse, “Archimedes' solution was to create a machine consisting of a hollow tube containing a spiral that could be turned by a handle at one end. When the lower end of the tube was placed into the hull and the handle turned, water...
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Archimedes was a greek citizen. He was born in 287 B.C. in a city called Syracuse on an island they called Sicily. When Archimedes was born they hung an olive branch on the door post as a sign that Phidias had a son. One of the slaves would put the baby in warm water and then wrap him in a woolen band all the way from his neck to his toes. As Archimedes grew so did his mind. He never...
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Archimedes, the famous scientist was a man who was born in 288 BC and lived until 212 BC. He was born and raised in Syracuse, Italy. He was assumed to grow up studying astronomy and mathematics (primarily geometry) in the learning capital of Alexandria, Egypt. Afterwards, he readapted to Syracuse to engage in a life of using his pure knowledge and his ground-breaking capabilities, which had led him to become an astronomer, engineer inventor, a physicist and a famous mathematician....
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Have you ever heard about Archemides? You know, the Greek mathematician? Today I’m going to be talking about who Archemides was, where he lived, what his education was, and three of his inventions: the principle of buoyancy, the Archemides screw, and the law of the lever. Also, which one of these inventions that has the biggest impact on me. (A lot more information and details about Archimedes survive that any other ancient scientist, but they are mostly anecdotal, giving the...
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The greatest mathematician known to walk on the face of the earth, killed in war, who was he, where did he come from, and what did he do? The greatest Mathematician Known to man was Archimedes.Archimedes lived from 288 BC, to 212 BC which means that he lived to be 76 and would have lived so much longer if he was not assassinated. Archimedes lived in Syracuse Italy. In this essay I will be talking about who Archimedes was, where...
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