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Archimedes The Greatest Mathematician And His Discoveries

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The greatest mathematician known to walk on the face of the earth, killed in war, who was he, where did he come from, and what did he do? The greatest Mathematician Known to man was Archimedes.Archimedes lived from 288 BC, to 212 BC which means that he lived to be 76 and would have lived so much longer if he was not assassinated. Archimedes lived in Syracuse Italy. In this essay I will be talking about who Archimedes was, where he lived, and what education he had.

Who was Archimedes? Well he was the most-famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece. Archimedes is also very well recognized for his discovery of the surface and volume of a sphere, and the cylinder. He also invented the pulley system which helped them to move heavy objects with little force. Another creation of his is the Archimedes screw, which is basically a giant screw that is used to get water up a hill.

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Where did Archimedes live? Archimedes most likely lived for a little period of time in Egypt early in his career, but he lived most of his life in Syracuse. Archimedes created most and all of his creations in syracuse. I think one of the most important creations to me is to pulley system. The pulley system is important to me because, one of my favorite things to do is to make wooden bows. And when making a bow there comes one of the most important steps and that is called tillering the bow And without the pulley system i would not be able to tiller the bow, And that is why the pulley system is what I am most grateful for him creating for me.

What education did archimedes have? As a boy, Archimedes had a good education As a teenager, he traveled to Alexandria, Egypt, which was known as the 'Intellectual Center of the World'. He was then taught by students of Euclid, who was another Greek mathematician. In Alexandria, Archimedes studied physics, astronomy, and mathematics. After that archimedes grew a euge to learn more, so he started to teach himself. After that he had learned all that he could, he decided he wanted to use his knowledge to do something good, so that's just what he did.

The greatest mathematician known to walk on the face of the earth was by far easily Archimedes. He created many, many creations, that lead on to much more. In this essay I talked about who Archimedes was, where he lived, and what education he had. Archimedes was an amazing man and an awesome role model to many people. Overall Archimedes was a very important man.

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