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Three Factors Of Motivation: Achievement, Affiliation And Power

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Motivation is commonly comprehended as the drive or the craving to get things done. Now and then budgetary prizes rouse individuals and once in a while it is only an internal drive to have any kind of effect. Individuals are driven by such a significant number of things – by their enthusiasm, by the requirement for cash or budgetary security, and some of the time it is for acknowledgment. The wellsprings of motivation can fluctuate among people and not a similar factor drives every one of us. Three Needs Theory was created by David McClelland in his 1961 book, The Achieving Society. The three needs that he distinguished were a need for achievement, a need for affiliation, and a need for power. (Anon., n.d.) McClelland's Need Theory of Motivation gives an approach to directors to decide the factors encouraging every one of their colleagues. Supervisors and group pioneers can utilize this data to communicate with each colleague in manners destined to inspire them. McClelland states that we as a whole have these three needs in some structure or another regardless of age, sex, race, or social source. Every individual's needs are found out through their life background and are not inborn during childbirth. As indicated by this theory, the primary source of motivation for any individual can be found inside one of those three classes. The three motivators are:

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  1. Achievement. The requirement for achievement as the name itself proposes is the inclination to accomplish something in what you do. In the event that you are a legal counselor, it is the need to win cases and be perceived, in the event that you are a painter it is the need to paint an acclaimed painting. The need drives an individual to work and even battle for the target that he needs to accomplish (Anon., n.d.). Somebody with a requirement for achievement would be inspired by the achievement and the open door for advancement. Want to finish complex errands, set precedents, or accomplish something not done previously. Like to get a regular response on the work (Anon., n.d.);
  2. Affiliation. The requirement for affiliation is the desire of an individual to have relational and social associations with others or a specific arrangement of individuals. They look to work in bunches by making agreeable and enduring connections and have the desire to be loved by others. They will in general like teaming up with others to contending with them and as a rule keeps away from high-chance circumstances and vulnerability. They are motivated by a group of people or clubs or social associations;
  3. Power. The need for power is the craving inside an individual to hold control and authority over someone else and impact and alter their perspective as per his own needs or wants. The need to improve their confidence and notoriety drives these individuals and they want their perspectives and thoughts to be acknowledged and actualized over the perspectives and thoughts over others. Individuals who are spurred by power need to lead an effective group and be perceived for exertion (Anon., n.d.).

McClelland's theory is very useful in helping managers to identify how they can motivate individuals to perform better whereas in equity theory employees seek an equal proportion of appreciation with effort applied to work.

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