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Motivation: Mix Of Inside And Outside Effects

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Motivation means someone’s needs, desires, or wants which play an essential role to satisfy psychological needs. Motivation is the reason behind people’s exercises, success, while emotion is a feeling or mood that can be derived from one’s achievement or failure in their work, etcetera. Motivation is a mix of inside and outside effects connected to our thoughts.

Motivation can be divided into two different types: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Internal motivation is the self-need to look out for new things and new troubles, to explore one’s capacity, to watch, and to get learning. External motivation starts from impacts outside of the individual. (Pearson, 2015).

In my observation, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describes motivation in the best way. As per Maslow, individuals are inspired by unsatisfied necessities. The necessities recorded from major to most complex are as per following:

Maslow uses the expressions ‘physiological’, ‘safety, ‘social’, ‘esteem’, and ‘self-acknowledgment to depict the case through which human motivations generally move.

The target of Maslow’s Theory is to achieve all the five levels but mainly on: self-acknowledgment needs. As per Maslow, one must satisfy down-level needs before the needs that happen higher in the pyramid.

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Psychological needs – These necessities are the physical requirements for human survival and often include the need for air, food, and water. In case, if these needs are not met, the human body can’t work genuinely and will finally miss the mark. For example, when you are extremely hungry, all your behavior may be influenced by the need to find nourishment. When you eat, the search for food stops and the need for food never again disturbs you.

Safety needs – Once physiological essentials are fulfilled, individuals are pushed to sort out their security problems toward getting a protected house and security. Furthermore, individuals require control, freedom, and stability in their lives, and also finds a safe environment to live in, so this need for success and security includes, everything considered, practices at this level.

Social Needs – When safety needs have been met, social needs for love/having a place becomes essential. This can include the need for secure with other individuals, the need to be worshiped, and the need to form enduring connections. For example, avoiding problems like uneasiness, loneliness, and distress, make it essential for people to feel loved and to be recognized by different people. (McLeod, 2018)

Esteem needs – The fourth level is the need for appreciation and respect. When all the three needs have been satisfied, the respect/esteem needs begin to accept a more noticeable part in motivating theory. Presently, it ends up being logically basic to get the respect and valuation for others. People have a need to accomplish things and these needs suggest the desire to be regarded by one’s partners, to feel basic, and to be regarded. Individuals will examine ways to manage the accomplishment of an opinion of quality, and they may look for praise from others to satisfy needs. (McLeod, 2018).

Self-Actualization needs – At the very peak of Maslow’s hierarchy, attention moves to the need for self-fulfillment, which is a need that basically compares to achieving one’s most extreme limit. This can be found in increasing new capacities, going up against new challenges, and acting in a way that will help you achieve your goals. Maslow proposed that this is an unending, tough system and restrictive somewhat level of people who really accomplish a self-finished state.

Personal Experience – According to my personal experience, I want to describe the importance of these needs in my life. As I am an international student, so from my very first day in Canada, my psychological needs started. Finding the room or house was the first basic need. After accomplishing this need, my next step was to find a job. I got the job after three months. Now my psychological and safety needs were accomplished, the next target was to find friends to spend time with and creating memories with them. I met new individuals on the job and in my class and out of them some are my very good friends, with whom I love to enjoy. All these needs were like a challenge of my life, that accomplished very well without being depressed.

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