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Argumentative Essay about Climate Change

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Climate change is regarded as an ethical issue on the basis that which moral framework must we follow in our decision-making patterns. Something should be done about the future and about climate change. The use of our moral framework is needed to evaluate climate change, our individual role in bringing actions about, and the alternative actions and consequences that follow. This is evident through some courageous people who acknowledge the effects of climate change and are using their moral framework to come to a conclusion. Greta Thundenburg, the Australian Government and the Australian Religious response to climate change generate views and opinions on how action can be taken upon to reduce the lasting effects of climate change. As climate change is regarded as an urgent ethical issue due to the slow deterioration of the earth's climate.

Some of the world’s leading climate change activists have publicly shared their opinions on climate change and the ethical issues behind it. Greta Thundenburg, a 16-year-old female from Sweden is the face and action behind the school strike for climate change. The school strike for climate change is an internationally recognized climate rally that is trying to convey a message to political authorities that they can use their actions to take our future seriously. The school strike for climate change is a cohesive and interactive group of strangers that all share a common goal. United by the concern about the environment. The concept around the strike is that education is viewed as extremely important and by temporarily sacrificing their education, the group of school-age students hopes to grab the attention of authorities to promote the effects of climate-wrecking works such as the Adani coal mine. This group believes that the action of surrendering their education to portray a message, responds to a moral decision. Another organizational group is the Australian Religious Response to Climate change. This group is a Multi-faith establishment that shares the common interest of eliminating climate change. The whole mission of the ARRCC is to encourage an ethical, environmentally sustainable, healthy, and contented way of life that respects the Earth’s natural and treasurable assets as well as an advocate from a faith perspective, for public strategies which partake in the contribution to climate justice. This organization stands for the development to prevent climate change through the involvement of politicians and religious-based groups to help speak up on climate change. The Australian government has responded to some of the demands and has noted that Australia is on track to beat its 2020 global climate change target. They have been able to achieve this through the analysis of domestic emissions. They target:

  • Reducing emissions by 5 percent below 2000 levels by 2020.
  • Doubling Australia’s renewable energy capacity to be achieved in 2020 which is driving innovation, creating jobs, and providing a cleaner future
  • Doubling Australia’s renewable energy capacity to be achieved in 2020 which is driving innovation, creating jobs, and providing a cleaner future

These goals, this is telling the above groups that they stand with and support their words and that the accompanying actions are to follow.

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The framework in regard to ethics and morality is utilized to examine and develop ethical decisions and the problems that are involved. In the act of extreme climate change, we see that one ethical decision technique or method is widely used. In this situation, the method that we most commonly see is the use of utilitarianism. This method refers to the best decision that is most useful to most people. It also looks closely at the consequence of an action not so much the action itself. The use of utilitarianism provides many advantages, one consisting of this method appears to protect the greater and communal good. However, this type of method also has the ability to condone some immoral decisions just to achieve a desired outcome. This can become an act of prediction, where people try and predict an outcome, which had been shown as impossible. Following this fragment of moral and ethical decision-making, allows for the equal treatment of others, regardless of emotional or social attachments. In the act of extreme climate change, this method may fail to identify that others may have certain obligations and/or certain duties to others. For example, we take the Australian government which has been granted greater authority in many aspects of climate change. This authority would examine the technique of utilitarianism and decide on an action with the preferred outcome.

The influence of the three stated parties in regard to climate change has widely contributed to the positive and forward approach to the minimization of future climate effects. Greta Thundenburg has allowed for the awareness and the education of the future generation, globally. This infers a positive step towards the upward development of climate resolutions. Her determination and passion to improve the planet are evident. Greta Thundenburg has also allowed the younger generation to unite and have hope that what they’re doing is contributing to the issue and that their actions count. The work of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change shows that not only Catholicism but many other faiths value and priorities this ethical issue and have developed certain campaigns to maintain this change. They have come together to promote the effects of climate change and try and develop a solution. The Australian Government is listening and taking action to the society's wants and needs as a whole. Working together and developing certain goals and targets to accomplish this allows the Australian population to see how these climate effects can be minimized. The Australian government contributing to the action against climate change allows for coherent cooperation with other governments and international organizations to collaborate and try to preserve the progress concerning climate change. The unanimity of all three influential individuals and groups allows for a great impact on society. The actions and opinions of these three powerful people of all ages, occupations, genders, and passions show that this issue is a nationwide issue with secondary factors portraying that there is not one approach to the resolution and clearance of the issue of extreme climate change.

In conclusion, we see three very similar opinions expressed by influential leaders. Although these opinions are slightly different they all still promote the same values and subsequentially encourage climate change resolution. I think that the method of utilitarianism works in favor of climate change. By doing all the actions that people can to gain the result and ultimately prolong the lifespan of planet earth is the right approach to this issue. Regardless of what these actions are the outcome is more desired and needed in this situation. By using this technique it allows for action to be made and the development of different strategies while adopting certain scientifically proven methods to minimize the effects of climate.

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