The Effect of Climate on The Crops and Farmers in India

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I will be writing on how adversely unfavourable climatic conditions can affect the crops and farmers. Climate and agriculture work hand in hand with each other or precisely saying they are closely associated and interdependent. So, climate leaves an impound impact on agriculture, it could be adverse if it shows unseasonal or unexpected activities.

India is an enormous producer of various types of natural crops, fruits, vegetables and spices. Punjab is the hub for massive number of crops. In recent years, farmers in Punjab were hit by a huge number of problems, be it financially or dramatically. Unfavourable climatic conditions have implanted seeds of menace for farmers in Punjab. One of biggest unseasonal rain happened in Punjab in March 2015. It caused heavy damage to crops of the rabi harvest. This rain reduced 50% of yield by per acre and it was nastiest nightmare for the farmers and turn out be cancerous for them economically. Approximately 106 lakh hectares harvest was damaged and 80 farmers attempted suicide in March alone. Experts measured the quantity of this rain, it was about 22.6 mm. It was recorded as the wettest March in 48 years. It was an average that one farmer was doing suicide every day in year 2015 because of the crop damage on large scale. They earn less from the output produced in comparison to the expenses they made fir their fields. Such factors dread them and force them to walk on paths which lead them to suicide. Furthermore not only unseasonal rain but also there are many other climatic disasters like floods and drought have damaged agriculture at large scale. For instance, between 2003 and 2013, all natural disasters annually affect agriculture sector that economy had lost by billions rupees. In these years, suicidal cases of farmers had risen up to a degree which was irksome.

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Farmers are committing suicides due to lack of income as they only earn through agriculture and flipping climatic conditions make poor and mediocre farmers rely on credit for their survival and significant amount for farming infrastructure. Government does not pay attention towards this serious condition. Number of times, they make announcements for providing compensation to farmers. For instance, in the year 2014, government of Punjab had promised a policy to pay rupees 20,000per acre to farmers who’s 40% of crop got damaged but no policy was took in action and the promise remained promise till now. This promise led to a ray of hope in farmers which was then got killed along with the suicides of farmers and their strike against government. Another report was flashed in 2015, when the Agriculture minister of Punjab made 50% off on fertilizers to call for farmers but again the fate was against farmers. Unfortunately, the fertilizers were duplicated and adversely affected the crops which led to the reduction in yield from actual. Moreover, under the agreement of Punjab government, the Ajit Green Movement had started to put a full stop on farmer suicides by planting trees. The main agenda of planting trees under the movement was to controlled unseasonal climatic activities and help farmers in increasing the yield of productivity so that the farmers should be survived from suicides. According to this movement, the trees were successfully planted but problem raised when they were not taken care of.

There was no change still. This movement wasted billions of rupees and a time also. All the policies of government till now were totally unsuccessful and the farmers cases of suicides are daily seen in each and every corner of Punjab. The Prime minister of India, Narinder Modi promised before the elections that the MS Swami Nathan’s report (in which farmer make profit of minimum 50% from their crops) will definitely passed if they come in power but till the time this policy do not passed by them. It was just a like a fake comment by him to the farmers. The opposition parties strikes against the government on their fake policies. In October 2015, Durgesh Pathak who is co-conveyor of Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab and National Organization Building in-charge of the party accused agriculture minister of Punjab Tota singh of being engage in pesticide scam. He openly talked in front of media in Chandigarh. Pathak claimed that Tota singh supplied the inferior quality of fertilizers to the farmers who plant cotton crops. He alleged that pesticides were not only fake product but also being sold by ”dubious” company. With this, cotton farmers suffered from losses because a disease named white-fly damaged their crops almost 100%. The suicidal reports of farmers were displayed in newspapers every day. Most of the farmers were from Malwa region of Punjab. He further said that the tender of the pesticides which was given to the ‘Oberon’ company was not passed legally according to the law. The fertilizers which were supplied to the farmers was not even passed by the PAU (Punjab Agriculture University). No company supplied their product without the agreement of PAU which is the first most usual process. He said that this time the farmers used pesticides 13-14 times on cotton crop rather then 3-4 times which was usual practice. Each spray cost of Rs 3300 – 3500 which even was not showing any effect on crops. He demanded a proper investigation of this pesticide scam. The PAU come in action and deeply investigate the Oberon’s products. They find that samples of Oberon had a purity of 17.50% as against 22.9% mentioned in legal process.

Conclusively, we can say, we cannot stop nature what it does but the government should initiate certain steps and methods which could help farmers in compensation of their crops devastated. The government can compensate them on the basis on loss per acre. Government should make proper laws and policies for the farmers by which they even not think of suicide once.

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