Climate Change Will No Longer Be Silences

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Climate change is a problem the public has ignored for so long, the Earth has had enough. Around the world there have been many natural disasters, due to the accumulation of the effects caused by human errors. Because heat- trapping carbon dioxide emissions are increasing so quickly it is estimated that by the year 2040 the temperature of earth’s atmosphere could rise 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit above pre- industrial levels, since most of the carbon dioxide is due to factories, fires, pollution, and vehicle emissions, humanity should be educated and presented with alternative ways so they can become accustomed to our changing world and preventing to create bigger issues there are presently , unless they are comfortable living in the effects of climate change.

Throughout civilizations, deforestation has been used to clear land for crops, urbanization and deforestation grazing lands for cattle using controlled fires, using the wood for construction, and mining. Recently there has been countless fires in California creating vast amounts of deforestation. Fire deforestation destroys the ecosystem of countless species of animals and plants including bugs that help with the decomposition of dead matter that help return the nutrients back to the Earth. The Brazilian Amazon rain forest also known as the world’s “Lungs” known for its conversion of large amounts of atmospheric carbon, carbon is being cleared away at a rapid pace (climate experts and the U. N). With the deforestation of the world’s “Lungs” slowly the earth is struggling for the air it needs to maintain itself and the living organisms occupying its resources breathing well maintained air. The main cause of these changes are the people.

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The biggest impact humans make to climate change is ignoring the changes in front of them, such as strange weather conditions with the impact it has on ecosystems. People refuse to acknowledge the changes that are happening in the climate and refuse to make some changes to their lifestyle as simple as recycling and throwing their trash away in the proper places instead on the ground leading to the destruction of the ecosystem. In the political world, politicians and big business men are hesitant in supporting the climate change movement, since they are primarily big contributors of this problem. These big time contributors are hesitant to make changes resulting in the cut down of production causing them to lose money. A group of finance ministers and central bank governors of 20 of the largest economies had a meeting in June of 2019 in Japan to renew their vows to address climate change, but there have been some countries who refused to move towards the 2050 Zero Carbon goal which was set by the other economies who met in Japan. Poland and the Czech Republic refused to sign which also influenced the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban to oppose despite earlier being ready to compromise on the EU text (Rankin, Jenifer). Their reasoning was “Why should we decide 31 years ahead of time that will happen in 2050”(Rankin, Jennifer) the public refuse to plan the earth’s future, yet they are constantly planning theirs. Their reasoning was the emissions in China is the one that is rising not Europe. These powerful individuals are the ones that are deciding the public's future yet they behave as children who refuse to take the blame and take action. Rather the people should take responsibility even when its not their fault though it may feel unjust other people will learn from our actions no matter how insignificant it may seem.

The cause of slowly suffocating the planet by using harmful chemicals and gases such as factory waste and fossil fuels. The downfall of the use of fossil fuels is that it takes time to fully break down. Under the Paris agreement more than 180 governments agreed to cut carbon emissions to keep the average temperature increases below 2 degrees celsius by the year 2100 (climate change by Christina L. Lyons). An alternative to fossil fuels are biofuels for instance ethanol and biodiesel. Most of the gasoline used for cars has 10% ethanol. the biodiesel can be made from oil such as corn grain. China is known for its industrialization of mass production and pollution with their coal factories that lead to the civilians unable to go outside due to air pollution , but it is not their fault.

State officials are addressing climate change and made deals with major industries that contribute to the greenhouse emissions. The California Air Resources Board in July signed a deal with Ford, BMW, Honda and Volkswagen to produce cars that will reach an average fuel-efficiency standard of about 50 miles per gallon by 2026 (Christina L lyons). These fuel efficient vehicles are being a growing trend with the various forms of alternative fuel some examples solar, electric, biodiesel, and ethanol.

On September 18, activist Greta Thunberg gave her public argument to the U.S Congress to 'listen to the scientists' warn about global warming (Christina L Lyons) . She led the Youth Climate strike in September 20, 2019 whom were inspired by the 16 year old Swedish activist by rising up and demanding the world leaders to take action on the problem of climate change.

With the constant increase of climate change the weather is constantly being altered and unpredictable. This leads to the thriving of organisms such as bacteria and insects a popular example would be mosquitoes. The people who are the most at risk are third world countries where resources are limited such as their crops, vegetation for land, water which are the basic needs for survival food and water.

But would this truly make an impact. To make these changes it would need the support of many not just organizations but also time and money. Time would need to change appliances of every home and to help maintain a cleaner environment.It seems ironic we are trying to save the environment when there will be major production of these eco friendly appliances.

Climate change is a problem we have to get accustomed unless we make changes to our way of living. There will be a continuation of the extreme weather in order to go through the Earth’s fury we will have to prepare for what is to come.

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