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Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Pay for Universal Healthcare

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Universal Healthcare or Nothing

In 1970, the proposal for single-payer universal national health insurance financed by payroll taxes and general federal revenues were introduced in the U.S. Congress. The United States is the main modernized western country that does not offer openly subsidized medicinal services to every one of its nation, the expenses of human services for the uninsured in the United States are restrictive, and the acts of insurance agencies are regularly more intriguing by overall revenues than giving social insurance. These conditions contradict with US beliefs and principles, and it is the ideal opportunity for the US government to give all-inclusive social insurance to every one of its natives. The protection from a sudden hospital visit becoming more expensive than a person can afford to pay for and having to work the rest of their life to pay off a debt due to illnesses, accidents, and/or infections. The US government should pass a project of universal health care to protect and serve all of its citizens equally.

In nineteen forty-five, Harry Truman says “Millions of our citizens do not now have a full measure of opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health. Millions do not now have protection or security against the economic effects of sickness. The time has arrived for action to help them attain that opportunity and that protection” (Truman 1945, par. 3), proposing universal national health care on November nineteenth of nineteen forty-five. Most citizens of the United State to this day will debate with themselves if they need to go to the doctor based on the funds they have to spare, and sometimes false diagnose themselves and putting their lives in danger. Many median-income families average two children and have to cut back on the parents’ doctor visits to take care of the children’s needs before theirs. Sixty to seventy percent of United States citizens feel that universal health, should be covered through taxes or just have the government pay for it.

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For every country that uses the program universal healthcare or single-payer health insurance, the government in those countries have some involvement to pay the expense. The united states would have to go through using required health insurance, taxation, or a combination of both. Having medical coverage is essential for a few reasons. Uninsured individuals get less prominent consideration and less attention in a line for seeing a doctor, this issue remains constant notwithstanding when spending is balanced for age, pay, health status, and other components, they have more awful well-being, uninsured people are sicker and more likely to die prematurely than their insured counterparts, and absence of protection is a financial weight for them and their families. Also, the advantage of extending universal healthcare is that it will exceed the expenses for included administrations more than families paying for them. Safety net consideration from emergency clinics and facilities improves access to mind yet does not completely substitute for medical coverage. “A new bill that gives everyone free healthcare would bring Life to our people suffering and dying due to the price they can’t pay that are labeled on healthcare plans.” (Mackay, 2018 par.5) Satisfaction would be guaranteed in our kin that they can stroll into a medicinal services office realizing that they will be dealt with and not charged.

It is often argued that when people receive universal health care and are not directly responsible for the costs of medical services, they tend to use more health resources than is necessary, also known as a moral hazard. According to the Brookings Institution, just before Medicaid went into effect in 1964, people living below the poverty line saw medical professionals 20 percent less routinely than those living in poverty. But by 1975, poor people placed on Medicaid saw doctors 18 percent more often than people not on Medicaid. This is due to not being able to pay for the minor checkups and appointments to examine any pains or discomforts, without having the visit paid for. Another basic dispute against universal health care in the United States is that other similar national human services frameworks, similar to that of England, France, or Canada, are bankrupt or overflowing with issues. Universal health care rivals guarantee that ill patients in these nations frequently wait in long queues or a long list of people before them for essential medicinal services. Rivals additionally regularly blame these frameworks for being not able pay for themselves, piling on enormous shortfalls a seemingly endless amount of time after year. A decent measure of truth lies in these cases, yet Americans must make sure to put those issues in setting with the issues of the present US framework too. The facts confirm that individuals frequently wait to see a specialist in nations with universal health care, yet we in the United States would have to wait too, and we regularly plan arrangements weeks ahead of time, just to have wait time lasting hours in the specialist's sitting areas. The wait is inevitable.

In conclusion, America should approve universal health care because it would improve public health.

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