Beatlemania: The Beatles' American Invasion

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In our fourth week of Entertainment History since 1945, we have decided to cover a topic which personally a favorite subject of mine called ‘Beatlemania’. The term Beatlemania was described to be showing a segment of idolization by commonly many young female enthusiasts towards the popular English pop group called ‘The Beatles’ on whenever they had their concert performance and band travels back in the 1960s. First of all, the Beatles’ fame began in the United Kingdom first throughout 1963 with their classical singles such as ‘Please Please Me’, “’From Me to You’ and ‘She Loves You’. However, the United States rarely had the opportunity to get to listen to their music which to the point even people in America did not know the existence of the Beatles at all. Until Marsha Albert appeared and promoted their songs in America, it changed the band’s career life forever with a tremendous rate of popularity around the world.

It all started in the very beginning, when there was a 15-year-old American girl named Marsha Albert from Silver Springs, Maryland, and was born in 1948. She was at her home watching her television shows one time and as she turned onto the CBS Evening News channel that was broadcasted back in December 10th, 1963, it was the very moment where she first witnessed and listened to the Beatles’ music being featured in it. After listening to it, she was completely stars trucked by the band especially when they were performing one of their latest hit singles called ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’. Marsha was so infatuated by their music to the point that she purchased a copy of the song from a British Airways flight attendant as due to an unfortunate reason that the United States had not released the single yet. Subsequently, she was irritated that America’s songs did not have a music as great as the Beatles, hence why she wrote a letter and proposed the band’s music to the well-known DJ Carroll James at Washington DC’s WWDC network. James noticed the passion from Marsha’s proposal and invited her to his show and play the copy of the Beatles’ record on December 17th, 1963. From that day onwards, the popularity of the Beatles in the United States has risen up to the point that every radio station was constantly requested to play their songs and made the band’s American label, Capitol Records, to rush release their music weeks earlier than scheduled. In addition, the Beatles also managed to be featured and performed in one of America’s best television debuts called ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ a few months later in February, 1964 with approximately being viewed by seventy-three million people. With other information we have found and agreed on was when historian Martin Lewis once told USA Today back in 2004 that he believed the Beatles would not have had this great impact if it was not by the help from Marsha Albert, and therefore she earned the right to be the one who opened the floodgates and started Beatlemania.

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Beatlemania was such a huge impact that it was first noticed when the Beatles arrived at JFK International Airport in New York on February 7, 1964, and the Beatles arrival in America was considered to be a boost to morale for not just Beatlemaniacs, but also the citizens due to after the assassination of President Kennedy a year earlier. Moreover, Beatlemania was also the reason that made the Beatles to be the first musicians to perform their concert at a large outdoor stadium at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965 and that was because the event managed to attract with an amount of 55,000 audiences and sold out their tickets within only 17 minutes. Therefore, marking it as the largest of any live concerts that the Beatles has ever performed.

However, no musicians are perfect as there were still many controversies about the Beatles has brought upon such as the time when many Japanese citizens rejecting the band to perform in their country due to the reason believing that their music would negatively influence their younger generations. Additionally, the controversy when one of the Beatles’ performers, John Lennon stated their music to be more popular than Jesus and caused many Christians to burn their albums into ashes. But despite all of these disputations, the Beatles will forever live up to be the world’s most well-known music band of all time and Beatlemania will always be remembered as one of the largest movements that no other musicians could achieve back in the 1960s.

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