Benefits of Vegetarian Diet: Persuasive Essay

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Why should humans decide on the future of innocent animals? They are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other reason. By switching to a plant-based diet, human societies will be able to alleviate the needless suffering and deaths of countless animals, the irreversible damage done onto the earth like air and water pollution, waste of precious energy, and deforestation. Raising and eating meat leaves behind an environmental issue that future generations will be forced to pay. Why are we choosing to destroy our future instead of improving it?

A plant-based vegetarian diet is healthier and can prevent diseases. Health has always been and always will be a significant concern in our world. Whether it be the increased chances of obesity or the fact that an estimated 70% of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are all related to diet. It has been proven that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk for chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and many variations of cancer. Healthy vegetarian diets support a lifetime of good health and provide protection against numerous diseases, including three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes. The New England Journal of Medicine reported a study of 88,000 nurses by Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital that found those who ate meat every day were more than twice as likely to get colon cancer as those who avoided meat. A 1990 Study verified by Dr William Castelli from University Hospital in Linkoping, Sweden, that vegetarians overall are 20% less prone to die from a heart attack than meat-eaters. Vegetarians can be a viable solution to the problem of obesity that has important repercussions for medical problems and health care budgets.

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Majority of people do not realize that meat products contain poison and toxins. Dr Richard Novick of the Public Health Institute reported to Congress: “The meat we buy is grossly contaminated with both coliform bacteria and salmonella”. Over 4,000,000 cases of salmonella poisoning occur annually, causing nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting, chills, and even death. The abuse of antibiotics in factory farms has led to salmonella strains which are resistant not only to antibiotics but even to cooking. Secondly, parasites which are available throughout eighty-five per cent of all pig-related products even in many species of carnivores and omnivores. The parasite is a kind of worm that lives in a human digestive system. Such as tapeworms that are contracted from eating meat. These parasites stay attached in the intestine by stealing nutrients from our digested food thus causing malnutrition. Mad cow disease, this disease is caused by ‘cow cannibalism’. This is usually done by feeding dead diseased animal parts to other animals from the same species. It will cause memory loss, loss of body control and lastly death. Flesh foods are loaded with dangerous poisons and contaminants such as hormones, herbicides and pesticides, and antibiotics. As these toxins are all fat-soluble, they concentrate in the fatty flesh of the animals. Eating meat is bad for your health, bad for the environment, and bad for everyone.

A vegetarian diet reduces pollution in the land and waters as well as reduces the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). Eating a veggie diet means 2.5 x fewer carbon emissions than a meat diet. By eating vegetarian food for a year, you could save the same amount of emissions as taking a small family car off the road for 6 months. You might not be able to stop using your car in day-to-day life but you can choose to eat veggie food. More agricultural land is used to raise cattle than all other domesticated animals and crops combined. A vegetarian diet requires two-and-a-half times less the amount of land needed to grow food, compared to a meat-based diet. Livestock in the UK eat more than half of the 20 million tons of cereal grown. That’s over 50% of wheat and 60% of barley. An Oxford University study, published in the journal Climatic Change, shows that meat-eaters are responsible for almost twice as many dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day as vegetarians. Eating one pound of hamburger does the same damage as driving your car for three weeks!

Meat is the most convenient protein source available. A balanced non-vegetarian diet allows the consumption of all four main food groups including meat and other animal by-products that are important protein and fat sources. Most of us consume more proteins and fats than we need. An excess of proteins can cause kidney failure and osteoporosis, and a high-fat diet can eventually lead to heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. On the other hand, vegetarians get protein from grains, beans, vegetables, and low-fat food. This is how they reduce the risk of most diseases caused by fats. It is a myth to believe that vegetarians don't get enough proteins or that their diet is not balanced because they don't eat meat. The key is variety and accurate combinations of energy and protein sources. Vegetarians get their calcium, protein, iron, and vitamins from different vegetables, leafy greens, beans, cereal, nuts, fruits, juices, bread, and about fifteen minutes in the sun each day. Proper food promotes their physical and psychological health. Meat has more proteins than the daily need but an excess amount of meat protein creates unnecessary uric acid, which is a breeder of several diseases. Plant foods are the real ‘high quality’ foods that we should be eating for optimal health.

In conclusion, becoming a vegetarian may not be for everybody, but it has so many benefits, it's hard to find a reason not to do it. Your body, mind, environment, and your overall lifestyle will benefit. On the contrary, a vegetarian diet is delicious and nutritious which is the perfect source of energy for the human body. By choosing a vegetarian diet, you can have perfect health, and the happiness of living at peace with your family, friends and animals. Why should animals suffer and experience a terrible life just because humans are selfish and only think about filling up their body with a pleasant meal probably made from meat? You must at least try becoming a vegetarian now that you know it is a tempting challenge and an exciting experiment that has advantages and no risks. Do it for your body, for your lifestyle, or for your environment, but do it.

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