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Blood Donation And Violation Of Woman’s Rights In Armenia

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Today I want to talk about blood and blood donations, and how a woman’s rights are violated, because of some restrictions of blood donation in Armenia. Sounds crazy? Let’s start.

So what is it about? Firstly, what is human blood? Blood is a body fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells, ( Wikipedia, Blood, 2009) and bla bla bla bla. Anyway, I do not want to tire you with the biology stuff, cause nobody cares.

In contrast, human blood is among the few things that technology has not found a substitute. No one can manufacture it outside the body. Yet, every year, it is required to save millions of lives of people who are victims of accidents and certain diseases. We should be aware that everybody in this world has the right to live, to be provided with longevity, and there are cases when blood donation is the best way for it.

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Do you know that health care organizations are always looking for donors on an everyday basis to collect blood so that it has the chance to help other individuals? Since 1947, when several blood banks had been established across the United States, the public had been actively donating blood as a way of fulfilling one’s responsibility. Since then, more and more lives had been saved. It seems like the more people understand, the more they are willing to give. That is why I am here, talking to you, trying to encourage to donate. And if you are going to ask me, have I ever gave blood, the answer will be NO. Why? Cause I am still 17. One of the requirements of being blood ‘’ donate’’ is being above 18.

Well, now, I want to raise a little text about how women’s rights are violated. In Armenia, females should weigh 54-65 kg, for being allowed to donate blood, in contrast with males can donate blood even if they exceed norms, also if they have 3rd type of obesity. To my question to a health center, they responded that it is a standardized norm. They are standardized in Armenia.

So, what makes the donors come back several times a year? First of all, you save lives. Every time you donate blood, you help to save up to three lives. Can you imagine? Human blood plays such a fundamental and crucial role. I run over the net, and what I found shocked me. Statistics say that right now, in the USA, someone needs blood donation every 3rd seconds, and an average of 40 000 units are needed every single day. The person you could help can be just a person with a terrible disease, father of 2 children, an infant surviving the first moments of life, a caring older woman, who was once an active volunteer, or possibly someone who just had a major surgery.

I am thinking about blood donation. I was looking forward to my 18th birthday, so that I can go and do the right thing, to contribute to saving lives. Donating blood is something everyone should be happy to do, given the number of experiences depending on it. This humanitarian action does not only give the gift of life to many, so why not make someone happier if it is still accessible.

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