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Android App For Blood Bank

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The seminar titled “ANDROID APP FOR BLOOD BANK” acts as an important role in saving life of human beings , which is its main aim. This project is developed, so that users of the app can view the information about registered blood donors such as name, address, and other such personal information along with their details of blood group and other medical information of donor. Thus this application helps to select the right donor instantly using medical details along with the blood group. This project acts as a link between the person interested in donating their blood and those who are in need of the blood. The one who require blood can search for the donor by the details given in the app. The main aim of developing our application is to reduce the time to a greater extent that is spent in searching for the right donor and the availability of blood required.


There are many useful android based applications, that serves variety of purposes to humans. Our project titled “ANDROID APP FOR BLOOD BANK”, provides a suitable way to approach an issue ,which is most important today. The project is developed to make the process of blood donation in a convenient and more sophisticated manner. It is developed with the motive of saving life of many human beings. It helps the users to check the availability of the required blood and the right donor along with their contact details. The users can view the availability of blood and may also register to donate blood if he/she wishes to. This application does not require internet access for its working. It gets the details of the donors as input and displays them so that others can use that to check for the availability of blood late



In “Android blood bank” by prof. Snigdha proposed an application for blood donor. In that application the donor can find the exact path by using GPS(Global Positioning System). The detail of blood donors will be saved. private data and confidential datas are only viewed by the administrator. They have methodologies like PHP, MY SQL, Android.


In “MBB:A Life Saving Application ” by Narendra Gupta has proposed a method to create a website with android application. In there application they has proposed, the donor are tracked by Geographic Information System(GIS). The purpose of their website is used to update their current system where datas can only viewed by authorized user. They contain two device type: 1)An android phone with android os, 2) A computer for website and database which is used to store the information about the donor.


In “ An Android Application for volunteer Blood Donors ” by sultan Turhan proposed an application for volunteer blood donor, main aim of this application is to notify regularly the donor location to Rh**. Rh** is a smart information system which aim to control the blood donation and blood supply chain.


In “Android Based Health Application in Cloud Computing For Blood Bank” by Sayali Dhond has proposed android based application for blood donor, in which the donors information are stored in cloud. They user shoud request blood on the cloud and the information are sent to nearby hospital or blood donor who are register on cloud.

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In “The Optimization of Blood Donor Information andManagement System bt Technopedia” by P. Priya has proposed a method of creating website with android application in which the blood donor can easily available within the required time. The donor who are nearby location are easily tracked by GIS. In this application the website is to update the information of donor who have already given blood in various hospital. While comparing to manual system, computer based information system are time consuming, laborious . Data mining concept is important benefits to the blood bank sector, data mining tool can be a fundamental tool to analyze the data gathered by blood banks through their information system.


In “Android Blood Donor Life Saving Application in CloudC omputing” by T. Hilda Jenipha and R. Backiyalakshmi has proposed an application for blood donation. In this application during emergency it will list of donors in the city. They can enable immediate access to donors information and location.


  • Blood donation application update information about the blooddonation camp.
  • The system provide authorized features so that the private and confidential data are only view by the authorized user.
  • The system will keep record of every donor, in order to keep track of blood stock.
  • The donor who are all nearby location are tracked by the GIS.


In existing there is no proper care about the people who donate blood to patients. In case if the donor has or had any medical problem and comes toward to donate blood to the patient then it may lead to threat. Hence medical history of donor should be updated .

Medical issues would be like:

  • A person who have anemia should not donate blood.
  • Donar who having diseases that are transmissible through bloodare not request to donate blood.
  • People who are unweighted for height from their height should not donate blood.
  • Pregnant women or recent child birth women should not donate blood.


In present scenario, people search for blood donors manually or through blood bank websites, blood bank centers or by toll free numbers. But these process are time consuming and it also involves lots of manual work. The problem faced now includes,

  • Going to blood bank centers each time consumes more time and effort.
  • The user may have to wait for the availability of blood each time.


Mobile blood bank is a mobile based project . Mobile is a portable device, so it can move easily from one place to another place easily. Hence it is the best choice for communication . By using this application people who wants to donate their blood can register in this application by providing their details. Person who require blood can search and find the appropriate donors using this application. On searching, the list of donors will be displayed by which the users can communicate with them easily and get the required blood.


Blood banks are centres which involved in collecting, processing and storing blood for research and medical purposes. The main motive of collecting blood is to supply patients who need blood for surgery or for treatment of any disease. The given project is one of the great life saver . This application is developed with the motive of reducing the time spent on searching the blood donors during emergency situations. Our application helps in keeping track of all the latest updates relevant to the people who have donated blood in case of emergency. It will include all the details related to the donor such as their name, their address, their mobile number, their blood group and so on. The one who are in the need of any blood group can access the available group of bloods in nearby blood banks as specified in the application as well as details of those who can donate blood in urgent.


By using our application, we can overcome the problem which we are facing in current scenario by introducing a new way to find blood donors. We have proposed an efficient and reliable android blood bank application, which is most required and a valuable product to health sector, where the lives are been saved. Any number of donors can get themselves registered through these improved system. In future, the application will be modified and made accessible online, which will prove to be very useful to the society.


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