Impact Of Mobile Applications On Blood Donation Process

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There is extensive research in the field of blood donation. Blood donation is an honorable and humane act. Technology has been spreading its root everywhere in almost every field around the world. The medical field is also full of the application and implementation of the technology and new advances in the smart innovative fields. The use of technology for the wellbeing of human life is the best possible utilization of the resources. This review paper encompasses the utilization of mobile application increases the number of those who do blood donations in Saudi Arabia. It generally reviews the research studies conducted by other scholars in regards to the development of mobile applications to search, collect, inform, store and distribute every type of blood in Saudi Arabia. Different organizations such as Saudi Ministry of Health and Saudi Red Crescent Authority are aiding in the process of effective blood donation utilizing the technology. However, there is need of innovative thoughts with development of effective, secure database for achieving better outcomes out of this combination.


At the turn of the twentieth century, fundamental changes began to occur in human services. Specialists found human blood bunches in the mid-1900s, and it is a standout amongst the most critical restorative data from that point onward. In 1907, the principal cross coordinating occurred, which implies the examination of the inconsistency of the giver's and the beneficiary's blood type. Ten years after it, the primary blood warehouse was made. In the following two decades, the blood transfusion benefits just as blood offices were made and the act of blood donation systematized [1]

Taking fresh blood and its preservation of every blood donor society or organization. Blood focus needs quality frameworks and innovative foundation to keep up great lab rehearses regardless of substantial remaining task. In this way enrollment of intentional contributors, appropriate gathering and part partition procedure and screening of gathered blood for transfusion transmissible diseases (TTI) are the fundamental necessities of the blood security. Immunohematology lab capacities 24 hours, 365 days and in charge of providing perfect blood. To counteract manual blunders this research facility ought to ideally have computerization.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), India is confronting 30%-35% of a blood shortage consistently. Despite the fact that India has over 1.2 billion populace, it is yet confronting blood shortage. The issue is not absence of donors, however discovering giver when required. Profiting medicinal services office by means of portable is another point of view, [5], which plans to expand social insurance administration. Expanded utilization of cell phone affects the fast development of human services. Numerous portable application improvement organization India, USA, and UK have created versatile applications for finding blood banks.

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The mobile applications are area based as well as organization based. They help in keeping track of the earlier blood donors and receivers. They allow the history to help the organizers track the donor as well as receiver’s needs [4].


Research papers relating to the utilization of mobile applications in blood donations were identified from Google Scholar, Science Direct, NCBI, PubMed (up to 2019), and World Wide Web (blogs, news, and magazine articles). The following key terms were searched as headings or text words in the titles and abstracts: “Blood Donation, Mobile Applications, Technology, and Social Media, Saudi Arabia”. The relevant data and papers were evaluated properly and the following results were obtained.


These days, blood donation is a broad work on sparing a huge number of lives. As indicated by the estimations of the WHO, around 108 million units of gave blood are gathered overall yearly; and around 100 blood focuses in 168 nations report gathering a sum of 83 million blood donations. In spite of the fact that an expansion of 10.7 million blood donations from willful unpaid benefactors has been accounted from 2008 to 2013, we cannot take a load off about this number, since somebody needs blood like clockwork. What's more, as a rule, it is exceptionally hard to discover blood givers.

The same number of people know the procedure resembles the accompanying: the benefactor goes into a blood donation focus or a human services office. Specialists screen benefactors for wellbeing dangers, analyze them for indications of ailments transmissible through blood donation, and decide their blood type. At that point, blood is gotten ordinarily as entire blood from a vein, and the typical measure of donation is 450 milliliters. The gathered blood is generally put away in a blood bank as independent segments, and can be put away for a brief timeframe. Red blood cells (RBC), the most regularly utilized segment, have a timeframe of realistic usability of 35– 42 days at refrigerated temperatures [5].

In one of the articles, the researchers explained that blood donation has three sorts: it very well may be intentional, paid or performed with the assistance of relatives. The last may happen when a patient is in a dangerous condition because of a fender bender or whatever other mishap, where it is important to act in all respects rapidly.

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