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Call to Action: Argumentative Essay

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The people waiting outside for their day in the RTIA studio are sharp. They come bearing their birth certificates, certificates of employment, various proofs of their suffering, and a deep understanding of systemic oppression. It's easy to argue why such a formula is unhealthy for any society, for it is trial by publicity. Instant justice; is one that's fallible, extralegal, and prone to abuse. It makes a spectacle out of suffering. It infects the general population with the idea that justice is faster and more just outside the justice system, so if you are raised without knowing what true justice feels like, you may misinterpret a variety of things, such as itself. Yes, even mob-style, radio-show justice and, perhaps, even violence. A handful of them don't bother, saying they're too poor to survive the grind of due process, and the Tulfos act faster. Some feared their well-connected abusers would pull bureaucratic strings and stack the odds against them. Some feared they would be threatened or physically harmed.

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Suddenly I am thinking about 'instant justice,' but how instant is it if the people outside the studio have to sleep on cardboard boxes to wait for updates? How could it be instant if they're only there as a last resort? Is it still ‘instant justice’ when it's the only justice? -- I AM NOT justifying our Tulfo dependency, but it IS a dependency to a certain extent. The reality is, we do depend on them. It can't hurt to understand those who respect, idolize, or rely on them. They are almost like Grab'a popular, exploitative, but relatively functional alternative to poor government services and regulations. And like Grab, they will be around until we get our collective act together. We don't need to accept them, but at the very least we need to adhere to our responsibilities as a community--to do better for those who have it worse. Because frankly, the Tulfos might be the best they have. It's dangerous to think that this could all go away if our government officials wake up and decide not to be evil though not being evil would go a long way. We are dealing with a corrupt ecosystem that doesn't just prevent victims from attaining justice but also harms those who attempt to resist its whims. Sure, there are a few better short-term solutions.

For instance, good people are working to provide free legal assistance or to develop more efficient and transparent courts. But it's hard to feel like you're making a dent. In the end, the long-term solutions are both simple and difficult: Educate kids better so they grow up with a moral compass. Help laborers organize. Vote for honest and competent officials. Reduce economic and social inequality. The call to action isn't to like, share, or subscribe. The call to action is to be good every single day and to do that for a few decades then maybe we'll start seeing something changes. No plan of action can fix all of this tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Tulfos will still be folk heroes, and some will say rightfully so. Tomorrow, there will be new people lining up outside their studios waiting to tell their stories because they see no better option, and if you think such an ending is dissatisfying, that's because it's supposed to be.

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