The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass: Oppression And Slavery

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The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass details the oppression Fredrick Douglass went through before his escape to freedom. In his narratives, Douglass offers the readers with fast hand information of the pain, brutality, and humiliation of the slaves. He points out the cruelty of this institution on both the perpetrator, and the victims. As a slave, Fredrick Douglass witnessed the brutalization of the blacks whose only crime was to be born of the wrong color. He narrates of the pain, suffering the slaves went through, and how he fought for his freedom through attaining education.

When writing this Frederick Douglass showed himself as someone with a lot of sense and made himself seem very rational when presenting points across and ideas, through the entire book you were able to tell that he was the most logical person in the book always thinking rationally before saying anything. Many times over in the book Douglass puts both perspectives into context when talking about the topic of slavery he was playing devil’s advocate for something he didn’t believe in in order to understand the other persons perspective, but he also doesn’t make any excuses for the other side he made plenty of efforts to make realistic and critical points.

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Throughout the book he displays more humanity that the reader was able to see that this was a human rights crime. In this book Douglass also presents an idea where he basically sometimes can be a main character and also has the ability to sideline himself both at the same time. Fredrick Douglass was also able to dissociate himself from emotions in the book Douglass says this “The ties that ordinarily bind children to their homes were all suspended in my case. I found no severe trial in my departure. My home was charmless; it was not home to me; on parting from it, I could not feel that I was leaving anything which I could have enjoyed by staying. My mother was dead, my grandmother lived far off, so that I seldom saw her. I had two sisters and one brother, that lived in the same house with me; but the early separation of us from our mother had well-nigh blotted the fact of our relationship from our memories. I looked for home elsewhere and was confident of finding none which I should relish less than the one which I was leaving. If, however, I found in my new home hardship, hunger, whipping, and nakedness, I had the consolation that I should not have escaped any one of them by staying. (5.6)”

Douglass has tried to escape and he, but he was betrayed by a fellow slave who sold him out so before he conceived his freedom, he had to wait about two more years before he could actually become free. When he was caught trying to escape Douglass’s master sent him to Baltimore which would benefit him because he would use the skills learned that to him develop his plan to escape. On September 3, 1838 Frederick Douglass would finally get his oppournity to be able to escape, Douglass disguised himself as a free black sailor and this was a skill that he developed by working in the waterfront, from priors years when his master sent him to Baltimore waterfront shipyards, he also had a protection pass which something saliors used to show that would be papers implying and state he is a free man and is free to be a sailor. When Douglass got on the train he used his wit and intelligence to show the train conductor that he he was a free man and the paper were to him.

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