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Cassandra and Her Difficult Fate:Critical Essay

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Cassandra demonstrates the tragedies that may happen to a woman who is in marriage during Greek times, as she has done it numerous times during her life and was punished for them. A profit gifted with the power to see in the future, but cursed with no one believing her, she has been punished by the men whom she had/almost married. Raped, abused, and cursed she was very hapless, and though many women who were wedded were a victim of abuse, Cassandra seems to be a female who stands up for her rights, even if having to do wrong affairs to get justice she deserves. But should you be punished for your wrongdoings even if you were righting the wrong? The meaning of the name Cassandra in Greek is “she who entangles men”, so even her name creates this connection to men, though all of these bad things happened to her, you couldn't say that she deserved them all. A victim she may be the reason for some of her misfortunes, but a woman who had been a slave and foreigner she was already given the harder life.

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It seems that during Greek times, females were just used for marriage, that they would be owned by their husbands. “Marriage is for the girl what war is for the boy” (Mitchell-Boyask, p.271). This shows that even before Cassandra was even born, females sought to be married to give men children. Cassandra was viewed for not accepting those terms, even rejecting the Greek god Apollo. In the article ‘Cassandra – Feminine Corrective in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon’, Doyle explains Cassandra’s love life with him as an “uneasy relationship between Cassandra and Apollo…” (Doyle, p.57). Apollo would often abuse and rape her while still stating that he loved her, proving so by giving her the power to see the future as long as she would marry him. She said yes, though she ended up breaking the promise to marry Apollo. This is where it is her own fault for getting the curse, saying yes just to get something, but you'd have to think that she knew she wouldn't marry him because of all the bad stuff he has done to her. Cassandra is the one who chose to say yes, it wasn't already decided for her, so she could have prevented this problem from happening.

In other words, you cannot simply say that she was just a victim or the cause of her troubles, she was both. Cassandra had her own fate from the start, and after that, she was the one who made her own decisions about which path to take, which made it harder for her. In reality, you cannot just blame your heritage for all of what your life is because you are the one able to make choices that can lead to your future.

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