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Compare and Contrast Essay on Brutus and Cassius

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Personal Response

Can you think of any contemporary political leaders who are like Brutus and Cassius? Who are they?

I could say that Brutus and Cassius are like George Bush and Tony Blair. While Cassius convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy of killing Caesar because he had too much power, Bush was able to convince Blair that Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction and the only way to stop him was to invade his country.

Analyzing Literature

Shakespeare uses nature to mirror the disorder in human lives. What details in Scene 3 do you think evoke a sense of danger and terror?

In Act 1, scene 3 of “Julius Caesar”, thunder and lightning fill the sky of Rome. During the storm, Casca has terrifying visions that trouble him and lead him to think that Julius’ power is dangerous. I think this storm foreshadows upcoming danger and terror in the life of several characters from the play. In addition, the bad weather helps create a mood of unease and tension.

What is your impression of Cassius, the protagonist who drives the action in Act 1? By the act’s end, what steps has he taken toward his goal?

In Act 1, Cassius seemed to me like an ambitious man driven by jealousy. He is jealous of Caesar’s immense power which determines him to turn others against him in order to kill him. At the end of Act 1, Cassius seems to be succeeding in his goal, however, he still needs to convince Brutus to join him.

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How would you describe the play’s conflict as it is established in Act 1?

The first Act of “Julius Caesar” shows the conflict between the conspirators and Caesar’s power. The commoners celebrate Julius Caesar’s victory over Pompey but the tribunes argue that Caesar’s victory isn’t a victory for Rome. In addition, Act 1 depicts Cassius’ plans to end Caesar’s power.

What does Casca report that Mark Antony did after the Lupercal games?

Casca reports that after the Lupercal games, Mark Anthony offered the crown to Caesar three times which he denied every time. However, the third time, Julius Caesar fainted after denying the crown.

At the end of Act 1, how is Cassius planning to win Brutus to the conspiracy?

During the first Act, Cassius tries everything to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy. He tells him how he is admired by the Romans, and he also informs him about the times he saved Caesar to show him that Julius Caesar also has weaknesses. However, by the end of the Act, Cassius decides to manipulate Brutus into joining the conspiracy by forging letters written by Roman citizens urging action against Caesar.

Do you have conflicting feelings about Caesar during this act? Describe your impressions of his character, based on your responses to his speeches and actions and on what other characters say about him.

My first impressions of Julius Caesar are rather mixed. I think he is a very honest and good leader for Rome. Even though he has great power, he doesn’t use it to his advantage, this shows when he neglected the crown three times. During this event, his loyalty also shows when he says that he cares about his people more than the crown. However, some of this character’s illnesses are shown during Act 1. For example, it was suggested that he has epilepsy when he fainted after refusing the crown for the third time. Even though Caesar seems like an honest leader to me, a lot of people are jealous of his power and speak ill of him.

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