Essay on Who Is the Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar

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Why is Julius Caesar considered a tragic hero? The answer is Julius Caesar fits all characteristics of a tragic hero except the tragic hero's death at the end of the play. First, Shakespeare explains how Caesar is a tragic hero by showing that he is a historical man with tragic imperfections that lead to his death. He is powerful, confident, and an arrogant dictator. He is also extremely ambitious, and he believes that he cannot be defeated as if he is a god. Nevertheless, he is a well-liked nobleman that Rome's people go after him. And this appears in Act 1, Scene 1 when the people of Rome are celebrating Caesar's defeat over Pompey, although they loved Pompey, they are celebrating Caesar in any way due to his respectable position. This also shows one of his powerful points as a protagonist or a hero. In addition, it turns our attention to the power of rhetoric's theme. The second heroic characteristic is how his flaw and bad decisions lead him to his downfall or death. As evidence, the soothsayer warned Caesar of the ides of March. In Act 1, Scene 2.

“Beware the Ides of March. / He is a dreamer. Let us leave him. Pass. “

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He does not take his prediction, and this shows his arrogance and self-confidence that he cannot be defeated.

All legends have a character blemish that prompts their destruction. Brutus' fatal defect was being guileless. He believed that everything was acceptable on the planet and that all men were respectable. He accepted every one of the individuals who let him know and felt anybody would lie or hoodwink him. Because he did not deceive anybody, he accepted the world would restore this demonstration. This trademark drove him to his demise. All that he trusted tricked him at once or another during the play. He permits others, similar to Cassius and Antony to double-cross him. He is excessively trustful and does not understand what individuals can do to him after making them his companion. Because of this unfortunate defect, the defeat of the character happened before long. The occasions that happened, as a result, Brutus' gullibility prompted his destruction and passing. His first slip-up was in Act 2, Scene 1. This was the point at which the phony letters are sent to him from the schemers. This was each falsehood, a snare, to get Brutus to participate in the plot for Cassius realized he was unable to do it without Brutus' support. Brutus accepts these letters from the individuals of Rome and consents to the demise of Caesar. Another case of this innocence is in Act 3, Scene 2. Brutus chooses to permit Antony to address and show respect to Caesar. At long last, this choice vestige him. Antony disturbs the group into accepting that the backstabbers are on the whole insidious, and they should seek retribution. As result, a war breaks out. His last blunder was less a direct result of his credulous attribute, it was simply unadulterated want in Act 5, Scene 2. This shortcoming happened when he begins the fight without educating Cassius concerning it. Brutus acknowledges it is an ideal opportunity to strike and realizes that he should begin the fight. There is now an ideal opportunity to tell Cassius. This decision, at long last, was the fundamental purpose behind his self-destruction. He executes himself since he understands it is more honorable to end it all than become caught and hauled through Rome.

With all of Brutus s qualities, he is clearly the lamentable saint of this play. All through this dramatization, he shows the nature of respect commonly. He is a respectable man, and I think Antony's entireties in up well in his last part in the play, which peruses,

“This was the noblest Roman of all.” (5.5.69)

At long last, Brutus is vanquished on the account of his weak spot. Brutus was innocent and did not understand the genuine methods of the individuals he trusted. Marcus Brutus is the genuine heartbreaking legend of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

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