Which Character Is not Considered Major in 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar': Essay

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Some people say that it is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend because of the pain you receive when a friend hurts you When a friend betrays you and the friendship you hold, the wound is cut deeper than the one an enemy makes. But what exactly is betrayal? Betrayal is simply the breaking of trust or connection between two or more people who had once shared. The theme of betrayal is shown many times in William Shakespeare’s, Julius Caesar. Brutus is not considered a major character but he is involved in many acts of betrayal that would change his character's views, perspectives, actions, and choices throughout the play. Brutus was both the betrayer and the betrayed and this resulted in his future actions and choices throughout the play that would impact the rest of the scenes.

Brutus was a betrayer to Rome and his very noble friend the great Julius Caesar. Caesar and Brutus had been friends and accomplices for a while as Caesar had granted Brutus amnesty for surrendering to him at the defeat at Pompey. Brutus grew to be a loyal and faithful man to Caesar but on the inside, he admired and loved Rome more than anything else. He loved Rome so much that he believed it shouldn’t be ruled under one central leader or a dictatorship. He saw Caesar as a threat to Rome because of all the power he was getting. For example, “ Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus, and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find ourselves dishonorable graves. ( Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 2.142-145). This shows that because everyone in the city of Rome knew what a loyal man Brutus was they used this to their advantage to get what they wanted out of the government because he was a powerful man to Caesar. Cassius in this quote kept on pursuing Brutus and telling him how Caesar is too powerful and needs to be taken down. Cassius compares Caesar to a Colossus which is a very important symbol to Rome to make his message come deeper to Caesar. He is saying that Caesar is like a Roman Colossus, it appears to be strong but is in reality quite weak. Cassius makes Brutus feel like he can save Rome from Caesar by protecting it from Caesar. This eventually drives Brutus and his men to kill Caesar by stabbing him seventeen times in order to save Rome from him. Brutus had betrayed his friend that saved him, Caesar had never seen this kind of betrayal coming from his dear friend.

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Not only was Brutus the betrayer, but he was also betrayed. Brutus was betrayed by his so-called “ friend “ Cassius who drew him to kill and betray his friend Caesar. Cassius betrayed him by feeding him false information and letters to kill Caesar and not supporting him and his armies in the battle against Mark Antony. For example, “ I will this night, In several hands in at his windows throw, As if they came from several citizens, Writings, all tending to the great opinion That Rome holds of his name, wherein obscurely Caesar's ambition shall be glancèd at and after this, let Caesar seat him sure, For we will shake him, or worse days endure. ( Caesar Act Scene 2.327-334). This shows that Cassius hopes by sending Brutus the forged letters from the citizens begging Brutus to lead Rome out of Caesar’s rule, will drive Caesar to join the overthrowing of Caesar with Cassius. Brutus was not aware it was Cassius who sent the letters though so he was manipulated and betrayed by Cassius who he thought was an ally and was also the one who later on drove him to betray and kill his friend.

All in all, the theme of betrayal was shown many times in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar both to and from Brutus in ways that would only benefit his so-called friend Cassius. Brutus had suffered many senses of manipulation and betrayal and suffered the consequences but yet gained power and the favor of Rome. Cassius was a key factor in all the betrayals and manipulation that was witnessed, but it turns out that Brutus was just being played by him. If Brutus had trusted his instincts and the people of Rome, he may have never needed to betray his friend and end up getting betrayed himself. His only intention was to better the city of Rome but it turns out he was only being used as a public front by Cassius so that Cassius could get what he wanted in the end. Caesar is out of the picture. Brutus as the story progressed grew a strong bond and trust with Cassius that affected his future decisions and only ended up only benefitting Cassius in the end. It never benefitted Brutus himself and his only intention was to show his love for Rome.

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