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Conservation of Natural Resources: Argumentative Essay

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Can you imagine living without enough air to breathe? Is it even possible to survive without water in today`s blistering world? How can we survive in our daily life if we don`t have fertile land, forest, plants, and animals that provide us with food? What are we going to do if our natural resources are the main source of needs of the people in the entire world? Hence, it is no wonder that all people, poor or rich, have used these resources. Everyone needs this not because of other reasons but to survive. Even those other countries that are not abundant in some natural resources, tend to buy or make a machine and devices that may help them to process their own source of foods and essential materials.

It is clear that the conservation of natural resources is important as there is no gender, age, life, or educational background is considered for us to waste it because this is the fundamental source of our life. Most of us sometimes forget to replace and replant the trees that we have cut in some mountains and forests. We have no time to segregate our waste so that it won`t flow together with the freshwater that we drink, use to make soup, and even used to take a bath. And yet, we feel stressed and depressed when we encounter landslides and floods. Thus, wasting and not conserving our natural resources can make our lives miserable, and all the bad things we gave and made to our nature will also return to us.

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Worse still, those countries that have the most dangerous places, the places that are common and known for having floods, landslides, and other dangerous events are often the main culprit that can ruin an individual`s life and vanish homes. People frequently use materials that are going to destroy our nature and make our natural resources dangerous and this can become a very serious problem, whether in health or in our environment. The place we once loved can make our life into misery if we will not going to give our best to take care of it. In some cases, bad attitudes and being mean to our nature and natural resources can make our environment and favorite place vanish and can be destroyed forever. What then is the point of using these natural resources and our nature if we are just going to exploit, abuse, and treat them unfairly?

However, from a different perspective, using natural resources in a proper and good way by not abusing them can make them more blessed. For some, drinking fresh water for them to have a non-replaceable pure and clean drink can make them contented and happy. For others, conserving natural resources like forests and minerals is the best for them to have fresh air to breathe and a healthy and not abusive environment. Being abundant natural resources in a safe and wonderful world instead of purchasing goods outside the country because we destroy ours nor make extraordinary machines brought by high technology to change non-food into eatable foods, why don`t we conserve it and make our place a better place to live? After all, it is a little bit difficult to conserve our natural resources alone, and that`s why all people must do it. It is our duty to take good care of our nature and make it a good source of our essential needs and we`re not going to abuse it. Hence, a healthy and beautiful nature and environment can make us sleep comfortably and soundly so that tomorrow is a day of hope and still an abundant life for us.

Mr. M. S. Swaminathan once said, If the conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right. I agree with him as no one can survive if our world returns us to the mean things that we`ve done and still doing to our nature. Like it or not, we should have to be responsible enough because one wrong move can kill life and destroy the environment. It is very important to be responsible for small things for you to be more responsible for big things. Misusing natural resources often rear its ugly side and can ruin billions of lives. We also have to make sacrifices such as taking good care and being more responsible in our everyday journeys and activities that may not affect the environment. Therefore, to be happy and live healthily, one must realize that we have a very huge home to take care of before our small homes that love began.

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