CPR And AED In Emergency Cases

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Emergency cannot be predicted. An emergency situation can occur anywhere. As a personal trainer you should have cpr/aed and first aid knowledge because when clients are working with weights and machine we can never predict anything and we don’t even know complete health situation of a client. Client who looks healthy can have any kind of cardiac problems or something else. Almost everyone will be involved in a health issue at some point in their lives. Someone slips falls and can’t get up. Someone cuts themselves by mistake and can’t stop bleeding. Another client's heart fails all of a sudden. Anything might happen. Knowing what to do in these situations can make the difference between someone living or non living, between a temporary or permanent disability. This is where a trainer with knowledge of cpr/aed and first aid can save their life risk. CPR/AED and First aid are two different things. Lets us see how both helps in emergency case.

First aid is classified in three critical issues.

  • Airway, making sure that the client can breathe
  • Blood, making sure the client is not going to bleed to death
  • Cardio, making sure the client’s heart is beating

It is known as ABC of First aid.

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Beyond that first aid is about making sure client has got some injuries. Making client comfortable if he or she has some injuries by putting alcohol and a bandage on wound.

Even someone who appears fit might have a health issues that can lead to a heart attack or cardiac arrest. When you see such situation you have to call doctor as soon as possible but till doctor reach destination it might be too late. This is where you give CPR/AED.

CPR Performed

  • Make sure the patient is lying straight on his back on a firm surface. Kneel beside him and place your hand on the center of the chest.
  • Keeping your arms straight cover the first hand your other hand and interlock the fingers of both hands together. Keep your fingers raised so they do not touch the client’s chest or rib cage.
  • Lean forward so that your shoulders are directly over the client’s chest and press down on the chest about two inches. Release the pressure, but not your hands, and let the chest come back up and repeat same again.
  • Move to the client’s head. Tilt his head up wards and lift his chin to open the airway again. Let his mouth fall open slightly.
  • Pinch the nostrils closed with the hand that was on the forehead and support the client’s chin with your other hand. Take a normal breath, put your mouth over the client’s, and blow until you can see his chest rise.
  • Place your hands on the chest again and repeat the cycle of chest compressions

AED Performed

  • Turn on the AED and follow the visual or audio prompts.
  • Open the client’s shirt and wipe his or her bare chest dry. If the client is wearing any medication patches, you should use a gloved to remove the patches before wiping the client’s chest.
  • Attach the pads available in AED, and plug in the connector. Make sure no one is including you is touching the client. Tell everyone to stand clear.
  • Push the analyze button and allow the AED to analyze the client’s heart rhythm.
  • If the AED recommends that you deliver a shock to the client, make sure that no one, including you, is touching the client and tell everyone to stand clear. Once clear press the shock button.
  • Begin CPR after delivering the shock if no signs are seen or if no shock is advised by AED begin CPR. Give 2 minutes about 5 cycles of CPR and continue to follow the AED's prompts. If you notice any signs of life, discontinue CPR and monitor breathing for any changes in condition.
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