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Critical Analysis of 'Phantom of the Opera'

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Table of contents

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The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom of the Opera or also known as The head of the fire is a ghost who haunted the Opera. His real name is Erik and most people thought he only was a monster who frightened people because he was frustrated at how ugly he was but there’s a tragic story behind it.

Unluckily he was in love with Christine Daae, who loved another man, and tried everything to conquer her.

The Persian: The Persian worked at the Opera and many people were scared of him because of his evil eyes. He knew Erik the ghost more than anyone else and knew the whole story of his sad life. In fact, he saved Erik's life.

Christine Daae: Christine Daae was new at the Opera House and wasn’t one of the best singers. But suddenly at a certain performance, when she sang some short pieces from the famous operas Romeo and Juliet, her voice was strong and pure. No one had heard anything like this before. The audience was astonished by her voice. Since then she always sang like an angel. Because of this mystery, she had to make a difficult decision. Should she listen to her heart or her mind?

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Raoul: One Night Raoul came to a performance from Christine in the Opera House and was captivated by the beauty of her voice. But it seemed that she wasn’t feeling very well. He went backstage to Christine’s dressing room and wanted to make sure that everything is fine. He was in love quickly and wanted her to be his girlfriend. What he didn’t know was that he had a competitor.


The story The Phantom of the Opera is written in the time of the 18th century in France. On the one hand, I know that because the number and country were mentioned in the book, and on the other hand, it’s logical because in the story women wore tight corsets and long dresses with elaborate hairstyles and men wore suits with cylinders. Furthermore several times a carriage was mentioned. Not to forget there was no electricity. Only candles or gas lamps were used at this time. So these are all features of the 18th century.


A strange ghost was haunting the Opera House. Everyone at the Opera House was terrified. However, the performances went on. One night a new singer called Christine Daae sang some important parts of Romeo and Juliet. She usually wasn’t the best singer but that night her voice was absolutely stunning, like an angel. After the show, Raoul, a visitor in the audience, wanted to meet Christine in her dressing room but before he entered her room, Raoul heard her talking from the corridor. She was talking to someone, „I only sing for you“ and „I gave you my soul tonight“. Raoul was hurt because he was in love with Christine. After a few days, he decided to meet Christine in a hotel to clarify things. When Raoul told her what he heard Christine began to cry and said:“ It’s the angel of music!“ Christine explained to him that he gave her singing lessons that’s why she sang much better that night. Raoul still thought that Christine was in love with another man but he didn’t want to give up. What Raoul didn’t know was that the other „man“ was the ghost of the Opera he fights against. And the Phantom would do anything to marry his loved Christine.


At first, I didn’t like the book The Phantom of the Opera because it was really confusing at the beginning. But after I finished reading I understood the story. It’s suitable for people who like crimes and murder but also have a passion for romance. At first, it was pretty difficult to understand because it seemed that nothing was connected to another but in the end everything made sense. I think the important message is that the ghost realized that Christine wouldn’t be happy to be married to him because she loved Raoul and so Erik the ghost let her be free with Raoul. And I think the message behind that is that you can pretend to fight over something but sometimes you just have to let things go to make a new start because you could miss things that would have been better for you and if you wait too long it’s too late.

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