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Critical Essay on George Orwell's '1984'

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We describe propaganda as information used to promote a political cause, which is typically biased. Because the telescreens always convey propaganda, they inundate the citizens with information that confuses them. As a result, they cannot formulate anti-government thoughts. We can see its significance clearly in George Orwell's novel ‘1984’. It has a major impact on its readers and it makes them think differently about the world they’re living in.

One of the most imperative elements in an individual’s life is privacy, according to George Orwell. Individual identity and privacy are not allowed to people in the world depicted in the novel. Everyone must think exactly as everyone else thinks. Another trend emerged from the propaganda that circulated in the wake of the world wars. Enemies were portrayed as animals. The governments in this way manipulated the people which led them to believe that all enemies were worthy of being annihilated and killed. The modern camouflage of ‘1984’ is just a gadget to deepen a circumstance that George Orwell had seen in his lifetime, the deception and manipulation of their people by the government. They even invented a new language in order to stop thoughtcrimes and rebellion against the government. Whoever disobeyed the government was tortured.

The writer predicts the course of the future and warns us against similar things. This isn’t entirely true for the modern world. In today’s world, the media is free. People are free. They think how they want to, they’re allowed to present their differing viewpoints, and they believe in what they want to. Everyone's opinion is respected. The element of ‘thought control’ may be the writer’s notice of the idea of control of history. Different people perceive the same event differently. For example, one country's school books can reconstruct events differently from another country's history books, each set presenting their country positively and in a good light.

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The totalitarian government of Orwell is an expendable one. What is more dangerous is the reality of totalitarian rule. It's not a spy network that lets you stay in power. What lets you stay in power is converting people, because people are then free to govern themselves while you sit back. Plus, spying on everyone, collecting, investigating, and analyzing that information, and chasing everyone who disobeys you, are very expensive.

The writer has explored several themes in his writing, such as the theme of government surveillance, totalitarianism, manipulation of people, mass media, and the control of history, which no one could escape. In the novel, there are three power groups that can’t beat one another, even if two of them collaborate with each other and attack the third one. It explains how the Party uses hegemony and exercises power over people. What people receive is not the actual reality. The predominance of imperialism is everywhere. Imperialism is a perspective, powered by arrogance and predominance that any nation may follow regardless of its geographical location. It’s when people don’t have a say in government matters. The government has full authority.

In short, a conflicted life is shown to the readers a part of which comes from George Orwell's remarkable political experience in his relatively short life. Almost all of the text that’s written comes from his own life experiences which may not be the same for everybody.

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