Critical Essay on the Mysteries Surrounding King Tut

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Do curses really exist? Are there ancient spells that could still be in effect today? These are questions that could directly relate to the story of King Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharaoh. While his death took place centuries ago, the mysteries surrounding what happened to him and those who have disturbed his resting place continue. There have been many speculations and assumptions made about the young king and how he died. Some people think it may have been because of a previous conflict that occurred, and others think it may have been the trace of malaria found in his system. This essay will explain some of the theories and what some archeologists think happened after the embalming process and the wrapping of King Tut’s body, how they think he died, and the mysterious curse everyone has been raving bout.

When King Tut’s body was re-examined after being sealed in his tomb in 1323 B.C., there was a mysterious burn mark found. Some British researchers think he had a rushed burial and was put into a lot of sunlight, which caused the oils that he had on him to get too hot and ‘cooked’ the young boy king. He was buried directly under the sun, also he was not properly stored away, which goes to show that they either did not know what they were doing, or they just wanted him to be buried in such a hurry they didn’t even let the painted walls get dry. Robert Connolly, a professor at Liverpool University, had samples of King Tut’s skin and bones in his office, which he let the team members examine. When the team examined the pharaoh's remains, they discovered his flesh had indeed been burned after he was sealed in his tomb, which was unusual because of the attention the mummification of a king attracted. Experts now think the oils used in the embalming process soaked in linen and mixed with the oxygen caused a chain reaction, which made his body temperature exceed 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

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There have been many theories of how he could have passed. One accusation, made by Stephan Lovgren, was that King Tut died because of a broken leg. The scientist said that based on a CAT scan King Tut had a thigh fracture that became badly infected and led to the young king dying at the age of 19. Another theory was that he was in a chariot accident. This theory came about when they discovered he was missing some ribs and they looked as if they were forced out. It was also said that his heart simultaneously stopped due to trauma. Soon after his death is when the talk of a curse occurred.

It was said that anyone who came in contact with the deceased body would be cursed. One weird occurrence was Sir Bruce Ingham who received a mummified hand with a bracelet that read ‘Curse he who moves my body’. A few months following this, his house burned down, and when he tried to repair it, it was hit by a flood. The second occurrence was George Herbert, a financial banker of an evacuation team that helped move King Tutankhamun’s body. It was said that he passed from an infected mosquito bite four months later. The debate of whether or not this curse is true or not is still up for debate.

In conclusion, King Tut was a young king who died at a really young age. There are many different theories of the cause of his death and the curse, whether or not it’s true or a myth. The purpose of this essay was to lay out some of the theories and what archeologists think happened after the embalming and wrapping of King Tut’s body, what they believed was the cause of death, and the mysterious curse everyone was raving about. The fort that had the most evidence that supported it was that he died from a chariot crash. Although there have been many strange happenings with people who have disturbed King Tut’s tomb, the curse of King Tut is a complete myth that started out as a rumor to protect the king and his belongings after he passed. The strange deaths were completely coincidental.

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