Why Is Egypt Considered the 'Gift of the Nile': Essay

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The Nile river provided Egypt with fertile land. Most parts of Egypt were and even still are a desert, but there was rich soil along the Nile river that was good for growing crops. They took advantage of this to grow wheat and sell them throughout the Middle East which helped them to become rich. As time went by, the Nile river would overflow every August and the dry desert land was becoming more and more fertile to support farming activities throughout Egypt. This is one of the most important benefits that ancient Egypt derived from the Nile river. A desert as we all know cannit support plant growth much less farming activities. It was the Nile river that nourished the Egyptian desert for it to support farming activities and this helped them master the cultivation of wheat that they sold everywhere in the Middle East. This made the Egyptians rich. The fertilizing was a result of the enriched thickness of the layer of the soil.

The Nile river served as a source of transportation. About 5000 years ago, it will be obvious that the means of transportation will be the same as it is today. It was either to make your journey or trip by land ( walking, horses or chariots) or by water. The Nile river made the Egyptians resort to the aquatic medium of transport. They traveled to neighboring countries for business purposes or even other reasons they deemed necessary. They also used the river as a means to transport their wheat and other harvest produce to another place in exchange for riches and other

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The Nile river also served as the source of fresh water for the Egyptians. As a desert will lack access to water, so did Egypt so the Nile river was their only source of fresh water for them. They are used for all the basic and domestic things one can think of. They did not have any other alternate source of water and so they used it for cooking, washing, bathing, and offering some to quench their thirst and that of their livestock.

The Nile river also served as a protection for the Egyptians. Because of the Nile river, the enemies of Egypt were finding it very difficult to conquer them. The Nile river served as a barrier between them and their enemies.

All the above-mentioned and enumerated importance and benefits account for the reason why a great historian and even by far the father of history described Egypt as 'the gift of the Nile'. This is because, had it not been for the Nile river, the Egyptians would have found it very difficult to survive. No one can survive without food and water and the Nile river did just that and even more for the Egyptians to stay in that desert. The Nile river is not only in Egypt but it passes through the boards of ten other countries the role it played for the Egyptians superseded that of all those ten countries. It is now understood more apparent why the father of history, Herodotus of the Persian empire referred to Egypt as 'the gift of the Nile'.

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