Critical Evaluation Essay on Mark Twain's 'The Damned Human Race'

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Do you think our world has become worse or better in the past decades, here are a few reasons as to why it’s gotten worse. In Mark Twain’s essay “The Damned Human Race” he in his own words and by his views and the way he’s seen the world, says that humans are acting like animals and are becoming more and more selfish he says the human race is becoming “both flawed and corrupt,” which is very true. Many humans, you could say think of themselves as the “Top Dog” or something close to that. He also says that it is only humans that keep hatred alive in his heart and keeps his mind cold. Man is the only one who can impose himself on other fellow members and bind them for his own benefit. Insults are man's own invention too. The writer gives examples from history all over the world to prove the wrong use of power by the man himself. The way in which he talks about all the incidents is very compelling and is well maintained. Twain says he conducted experiments such as arguing on how an earl killed seventy-two buffaloes just for his pleasure, in contrast to which anacondas did not attack calves in excess of their requirements. He then uses deductive reasoning to determine that not anaconda but man himself has descended from these animals which is an irony in its nature and is straightly in contradiction to Darwinian Theory. There he shows that man is not thankful for what he is given or what he’s earned but that animals are thankful and they use what they have until it’s gone. All over the world man has been terrible like with slavery or with kings and pharaohs and many types of things like that, humans have never been what you could call perfect or top dog or better than other things, we have always been selfish and a problem to the world, Twain says “The writer shows cynicism while calling man foolish for not being able to learn tolerance which animals would do when tamed. He compares the two groups as control groups of a scientific experiment and logically proves how his results show that men cannot learn acceptance like animals.” (Article Source:

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In conclusion, the only reasonable reason behind this behavior of humans is their morality. If man had never renowned evil from good, he would never have fought against it. Twain makes many good points on why man is good or why they are bad and he is pointed more toward bad because of what he's seen in his life of humans and how they act with certain things. I think that Twain is right about the human race he isn’t wrong about our behavior and how we act with certain things. People could learn from his story and might become better people and act differently not taking things for granted. That is why this world has gotten worse because we can not be pleased with what we have and once we have what we want we forget about everything else.

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