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Deforestation is Necessary for Development Essay

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Deforestation has always happened, humans have cut trees down to build houses, or grow crops, however the relatively recent industrialisation of our society has led to mass deforestation all over the world, including important ecological sites and habitats. Companies clear large areas for many reasons including crops like rice, and for keeping cattle.

However is deforestation a bad thing? Many would argue that we need deforestation to happen, however unfortunate it may be. With a growing population, we are running out of land to grow crops and keep livestock. Deforestation also creates jobs and opportunities for people. Many of the products we need are provided by the forests being cut down. In many poorer countries, where rainforests and such are situated, mass deforestation can help their economy by providing tax, income and trade. This can mean there is a better quality of life in siad countries. It can also prevent overcrowding, which can help slow the spread of diseases and keep places cleaner.

But, of course, deforestation causes dramatic effects on those who share our planet. The animals that live in the forests are being killed, their homes taken from them. What gives humans the right to do this, to use what they need for our own selfish purposes? Not only this, other humans live in rainforests and have their own communities and we must respect their culture and traditions. One of the most incredible things in our world is the cultural diversity, as well as the biodiversity which deforestation threatens to destroy.

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As well as this deforestation isn’t sustainable, unless more trees are planted, but often they still won’t grow as big by the time the resource runs out. At the current rate of deforestation in the amazon rainforest, it could be gone by the year 2060. For example in palm oil production, without fertilizer, which many farmers don’t have, the space for the crops can only be used once, so even more must be cut down. This kind of relentless deforestation must stop.

There are so many more of these places of ecological development and much of it hasn’t been discovered. Perhaps medicines and materials could be found that could save lives, by destroying this environment, we risk destroying key scientific development and research. As well as this, trees provide stability to the soil, without which could cause flooding and erosion.

Trees are crucial to humans, as they take in the carbon dioxide we produce. Due to the industrialization of society, there is an excess of carbon dioxide which is causing detrimental climate change. We should be planting more trees to increase the intake of carbon dioxide, rather than the other way round.

Trees provide so much for us medicines, the reduction of carbon dioxide, habitats. But we have decided to take them away for our own man made uses at alarming rates. More protection needs to be put in for our trees, particularly in rainforests.

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